Kitchen renovation - pricing a kitchen renovation can be stressful. But before you throw in the towel, you have to decide a few things.

1. Are you willing to do any work yourself?

2. Can you stick to stock items for your kitchen, or do you want custom?

The answers to the above questions can make a difference of hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your new kitchen budget!

You do not need to be handy to be involved in your kitchen renovation pricing. You can save money in many different ways, but you have to really dig deep into any kitchen quotes you get and you will find places to save money. Be careful of any kitchen quote that does not break down the prices. Steer clear of those kitchen quotes, where they come in and look, figure out what you would like, use the calculator like mad with a frown, and then just write a total on the drawing or a piece of paper. You want a complete breakdown of costs. A professional place will do that.


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Example: We are presently renovating a house, and the kitchen needed upgrading. We got a few quotes for renovating the kitchen, then we started to pick the quotes apart. The first thing we noticed, and was confirmed by a kitchen expert, is that the minute you ask for anything to be added, that would not normally be there, (custom) the dollars jump pretty quick. We have a pretty small kitchen, but thought it would be nice to have under cabinet lighting.

My electrician said it was easy to add the under cabinet "pucks" as they call them, but they look much better if you can have a valance in front of them, so they don't show. I asked about a simple four inch valance that would run about five feet, and for that extra piece of wood, the same color as the cabinets, to run five feet was going to cost me an extra $650.00! I couldn't believe it. That is because this now becomes a "special custom order".

If we wanted the sink plumbed in, it was an extra $250.00. They would cut the hole for the sink if you have it on site, but you would have to pay this extra money to hook it up. If your sink is in the same spot as it was before, your plumbing lines are already there, you can get someone to hook that up for less, or do it yourself.

If we wanted the kitchen installers to install the dishwasher, (ours was replacing an old one, in the EXACT same position) it was an additional $250.00. So you can see where the extras add up. If you want them to install the simple over stove light and fan it was an extra $250.00. That is $750.00 extra for those 3 installations if you let them do it.

They will also charge to remove your old cabinets. Now, even if you are not handy at all, if you just take down your old cabinets, you will save a lot of money, and if you can find a home for them (re-use center) or the dump, you will save even more.

Basically if you make it, so they just come in and set up the new kitchen without any of the extras, you can save big dollars! Our kitchen installation ended up costing us $600.00 to install the cabinets, and countertop and cut the hole for the sink. We had done all the prep work to save money on our kitchen renovation pricing.

The original quote was including removing the old cabinets and counter and old sink and old dishwasher and disposing of them, then installing the new cabinets, countertop, hole for sink. We did the rest. It went from a $3000.00 install bill down to $600.00 because we were willing to do some of the dirty work ourselves.

We decided against the valance for the under cabinet lighting. We chose light maple cabinets (which are naturally cheaper than the darker woods and quite often are cheaper than the white cabinets!) We had the sink on site, just so they would cut the hole in the countertop, and then we did our own plumbing, but sometimes even hiring a plumber can be cheaper than doing it with your cabinet installation team, as they will have to bring a tradesperson with them, and you will most likely get charged for the day.

But taking down our cabinets, and disposing of them saved us the most money. Ours were so bad, they literally fell off the wall, and with four people, they were down in 1/2 hour. We rented a "container" for the trash and old cabinets, and that was still cheaper than having the installers deal with it.

If you would rather they do EVERYTHING for your kitchen, then just be ready to pay the price. You will be paying high price installers to take out your garbage. When we looked at it that way, we rolled up our sleeves.

Another point to remember with kitchen renovation pricing, is the design. If the layout right now sort of works, then try not to stray to far from it. If you keep the sink in the same spot, then plumbing does not need to be moved. If you layout your kitchen to be able to accommodate stock or standard sized cabinets, this will save. You can play with the layout on the computer, or get them to price different views. They can do it on the computer, and see which one you like.

We were given three views, and all were very nice, and practical, but in the end we decided on the one with the least disruption to the layout as it was. We simply moved the fridge to another wall, as it was right beside the stove before, and that is not good. That was the only move, and we were using a standard sized fridge, and therefore were able to box in the fridge with a standard sized cabinet.

If you keep all the points above in mind, you can save hundreds if not thousands on your kitchen renovation.. Just think about where you could spend the savings??