Kitchen storage racks are a great way to make use of wasted space that tends to form in cabinets.

Your cabinets may look big, but after a while your things tend to pile up in there and before you know it, it looks full, cluttered and you just can't find the things you are looking for.  If it is anything like me, you will find many of your things when you clean out the cabinet for moving!

Most kitchen cabinets tend to be either just one big empty box, where you pile things on the bottom, or they may have an added second shelf that possibly splits the space.  This gives you really only two places to store your dishes, bakeware, pots and pans and other things.

You may start out piling them up just right, but after a while, they tend to fall over, and basically you just grab what you want and throw it back in there afterwards (that is what happens in my house anyways!)

You may actually look at your kitchen and think you need to upgrade it to get more space.  You just can't seem to find the space for your spices, dishes or all those cookie sheets.

But before you do that, and spend lots of money that maybe you were not planning on doing just yet, take a look at some of the kitchen storage racks that are on the market now.  They are an affordable way to organize those cabinets and use all the space properly and in an orderly manner.

If you could open that cabinet door and see everything you needed at a glance, you will feel much better about your kitchen space.  So, just take a look at some of the kitchen racks and kitchen cabinet organizers that you can get for an affordable price that will make your life easier in the kitchen.

Kitchen Storage Racks - DishesCredit: amazon kitchen storage racks - pots and pansCredit: amazon

Kitchen Storage Racks - Dishes - This is a great way to organize the space.  You can see which dishes you need right away, and you don't have to pile them sky high.  These types of racks come in many different styles and sizes, and will fit into the space in your cabinet to turn those 2 shelves into multiple shelves.  This works really well in small spaces too.

Kitchen Storage Rack - SpicesCredit: amazon

Pots and Pans - If you are lucky enough to have a drawer under your stove, you can put your favourite ones there, but many people don't and need to use one of their cabinets for pots and pans.  You can get slide out kitchen racks that will house the pans and their lids (the lids are always disappearing!) without having to empty the entire cabinet.

Kitchen Storage RacksCredit: amazon

Spices - Many people don't think of the inside of the cabinet door as a great place to store spices.  If yours are all over the shelves, and you need to basically climb in the cabinet to find the one you want, then consider getting a storage rack for the inside of the door to house all your spices.

Kitchen Storage - BakewareCredit: amazon

Over Sink Storage - This is a really good idea for getting rid of counter clutter.  It works really well in a small kitchen where counter room is at a premium.  It makes use of that space behind the faucet where you most likely have your dishcloth and soap, and you can get them with pull out shelves and drawers that hide lots of things, even paper towel holders.  Just imagine what you can get off the counter with this style of rack.

Bakeware - If cookie sheets and muffin tins tend to be in a big pile in that lower cabinet, then consider getting a bakeware rack that will organize them into easy to find columns.  You can get these styles of bakeware racks that pull out for easy access or simply sit freely in cabinet to help organize all your things.

You can get many styles of kitchen storage racks and kitchen cabinet organizers that will use your kitchen cabinet space properly.  You may find you have lots more space when you are finished organizing! 

Take a look at kitchen supply stores, and also surf online to get some brilliant ideas.  Even those tall skinny cabinets that are quite often used to "infill" a space can be used for storage.  You can get good quality slide out storage racks that are easy to install to use in many different sizes of cabinets.

Before you start knocking down walls to find more storage, take the space you have and see if you can make it work for you with affordable kitchen storage racks and other storage ideas.  Even if you are renting the space and don't want to damage cabinets with permanent installations, you will be able to find portable options.   Get some ideas online and then go shopping!