Trash is a loose term for items stashed in bins or containers that need to be kept separate from everything else in the home. Kitchens are places where this refuse grows to phenomenal levels and are usually kept in a trash can. Trash can be anything from an old broken chair to banana peels.  They find refuge temporarily in trash bins. These days because of intense competition, manufacturers try to put as many attributes into their trash container products so that they can be used for any purpose. Trash cans are manufactured so that they are not only functional but also complementary to room décor. They can also easily fit inside a cabinet so that they discreetly function without being an eyesore. They stay hidden inside a kitchen cupboard where they do not take up any room space. There are several kinds of trash cans:


  • Stainless Steel Trash Cans for kitchens are one of the most popular types. They are shiny, easy to clean, and recognizable as a garbage can. You may use a disposable plastic bag inside it which is easy to pick and throw away.


  • Plastic Trash Cans are of great importance when you want to seal any product or waste and you want to use as little space as possible. They may easily fit in a kitchen cabinet. This is an inexpensive option and could be used in places where water-logging is a problem. Plastic containers with a sealed lid will keep the water from infiltrating the trash, causing a huge mess.


  • Wooden Trash Cans are more decorative than functional. They need maintenance as they may get infected with fungus or algae. In fact, before using them they must be properly coated and cleaned. They are decorative because of their beautiful wood exterior but they are not practical for containing most kinds of trash. They also tend to absorb the vile stench associated with debris. This makes it difficult to display the piece out in the open where guests would be forced to smell the offensive odors. The best type of debris to keep in these decorative trash bins is paper that is free of odors.


  • Smart Trash Cans are equipped with sensors that make them technologically advanced. When it detects motion, the can will automatically open, so that trash can be collected.  They are expensive but functional. So if you don’t like touching trash cans, this type is for you. These units are expensive and cost may vary from $60 to $120. They are lightweight and easy to care for if you follow the directions included with purchase.


Cleaning the kitchen trash can is very important as it is the place where almost every type of bacteria and germs may grow. It is always preferable to use disposable bags which are color coded (blue, black, white, green, and yellow) for recycling purposes. You may rinse it down with water and you may use a disinfectant regularly such as Lysol or Dettol for stainless steel bins. The disinfectant should prevent most types of bacteria from spreading, but to be safe, keep it covered always with a lid or plastic cover. You may use a sponge to wash it off. Dry it off in direct sunlight, but make sure you do not clean the bin near your garden to assure that mold or bacteria doesn’t spread to the foliage.  The product is meant to keep trash contained, and when used properly, it will provide a sanitized environment in your home.