The ease of working in an electrical kitchen is accompanied by risks and fire hazards too. Cooking is one of the leading causes of fires in homes. We often hear about kitchen accidents which turn out to be disastrous to property as well as life. Hence, it is very essential to employ effective kitchen fire suppression systems in our homes.

 Causes of kitchen fires:

The major causes of kitchen fires are listed below:

 Flammable cooking oils: Improper and careless use of cooking oils which are highly inflammable is identified as the major cause of kitchen fires and consequent injuries.

 Heat, flame and sparks: These factors, which are common in the kitchen, can cause danger if they associate with other fire causing agents like gases and flammables.

 Electrical appliances: In electrical powered kitchens, the probability of fire break outs due to faults in electrical appliances like ovens, toasters, coffee machines etc are common.

 Careless cooking: There are a lot of inherent risks in cooking processes. Many kitchen accidents are borne out of careless kitchen behaviors. Unattended stovetops and cooking equipments, improper use of cooking substances etc are reasons behind kitchen threats and fires.

 Ways to suppress kitchen fires:

Kitchen fires are preventable. However, if fire breaks out unexpectedly, suppression measures should be employed as soon as possible. The following are steps to prevent and suppress kitchen fires:

 Install fire alarms in the kitchen. Fire alarms comprise of thermal detectors and smoke detectors. Hence, any kind of fire outbreak will be identified by the fire alarm so that the residents can be immediately alerted.

 Proper management of kitchen appliances and cooking ranges is utmost essential to ensure a safe kitchen. In kitchens, equipped with electrical cooking appliances and equipments, the connections and links associated with these equipments must regularly be monitored.

 Installation of fire sprinklers and extinguishers in kitchens help a great deal to minimize the impact of residential fires. Merely installing suppression systems as these will not necessarily serve the purpose. The residents need to know the proper mechanism of operation of these systems and such equipments must be at easy access. A commercial kitchen fire suppression system will help you to respond to fire hazards easily.

 Keeping the kitchen neat and organized will also help to control fire threats and risks. A clean kitchen will have less vulnerability to fire breakouts since there is lesser possibility of improper management, ignition of piled up wastes and accumulation of inflammables.

 Maintenance of fire systems too is utmost essential to ensure the proper functioning of fire suppression systems.