Clay No More!

Wheat Based Cat Litter Alternatives to Clay-based Litters

Searching for an alternative to your clay-based cat litter? Fortunately, you will not have to look very far. There is increasing demand for kitty litter that will do the job without creating unnecessary health risks! Wheat based cat litter is becoming the new norm and has many surprising benefits. 

Be honest with yourself. How many times have you scooped out a messy litter box, felt a burning sensation in your eyes and nose, and wondered why you even bother with your furball friend? Don't blame it on the cats! If they could buy litter, do you really think they'd use a clay-based clumping system to crystallize their cat droppings? Probably not! 

Try Scooping Wheat Litter

Surprisingly, there is a long list of products that have met the challenge in debunking the age-old tendency to buy clay-based cat litters. Here is a list of wheat litters and a brief summary of their best features:

Average Cost:  $12-18

SWheat Scoop(80563)

SWheatScoop is a very popular brand and more commonly found at the larger pet store chains. This product is made from 100% ground wheat. Crazy, huh? Here are some of SWheat Scoop's primary features.

  • Compostable and flushable, unlike regular clay-based products.  
  • No chemicals or silica making a healthy product.  100% Ground Wheat.
  • No added fragrance.
  • Clumps and is definitely worth a try!
  • Widely available in most major pet store chains, as well as other box stores like Target. 

    Milled Grain
    Average Cost:  $8-12

    Milled Grain Cat Litter

    Milled Grain is a formula made from grain.

    • The non-stick, maximum odor control formula prevents wet litter from sticking to the bottom of the box. 
    • Low Tracking to keep 
    • Easy to dig for your feline.
    • Mostly found in independant pet stores. 

    World's Best Cat Litter
    Average Cost: $16-30

    World's Best Cat Litter

    Biodegradable, track-free, oil-free, and economical makes for one awesome alternative! The World's Best Cat Litter is a corn-based clumping formula that gives your cat a sand-like texture to dig into and bury their cat bombs.

    • Biodegradable with superior odor control.
    • Like Feline Pine, World's Best has no silica, no dyes, and no synthetics. 
    • Clumping and scoopable formulas available. 
    • Durable and long-lasting, so more cost efficient than purchasing loads of clay-based litters.
    • Widely available in many major pet store chains. 

    Picking the best wheat based kitty litter will really depend on your cat. Every pet is different and therefore, your cat may or may not like a litter change. Always try something new with caution and slowly create the change, by adding a gradual amount of the new wheat litter to the old. If your cat doesn't seem to mind, then you've got a winner!

    If you are allergic to wheat, try Feline Pine which is wood-based litter that either comes in small composite pellets or a soft, clumping formula. Biodegradable, track-free, oil-free, and economical makes for one awesome alternative!

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