Are you somebody who enjoys helping people? Do you want to make a difference in the world ? Are you cautious with how you spend money and do not want to lose money? Kiva is for you.


What is Kiva

Kiva is a web-based program that lends money to third world recipients. This nonprofit site gives you the ability to help people all over the world so they can start or expand a business.


How Does Kiva work

Kiva has an easy system of loaning money.  First, choose someone from the list of need based folks. There are thousands of people and each has a touching story and good ideas. Once a selection has been made, a loan, for a minimum of $25 dollars to whatever is made using a credit card. The lender then waits for the loan to be repaid. It can take weeks or months but the expectation is that the entire loan will be paid back in full. Often times the recipient pays back the money in small increments. To get a better understanding you can watch the video at the bottom of the page.


Why Kiva?

Why Kiva, versus donating money to a local charity? My response is as a member of the world population, Kiva affords an opportunity to be a world contributor. Many charities spend millions of dollars paying their staff and chief officers and less then 50% of the money ends up helping people. At Kiva, the money is directed to the person in need. Once the money is repaid, it can be redistributed. Thus for a small initial amount of say $ 25, multiple people can be helped. Most people don't want a handout they just need some help to support themselves and their family. They are willing to pay back the money. Imagine a mere $25 being added to a larger pool and someone deserving person gets their $1000 loan to buy another cow or build a roof. This person then works diligently to pay each lender back and the person benefits personally. The lender makes a difference in a person's life and the sens of community continues. Every dollar counts at Kiva. Many people choose to give a donation versus a loan. What every one chooses helps another so consider Kiva as a worthy non profit site.

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