Gwiyomi Kiyomi Kwiyomi What?

You've probably heard of the viral music video and song Gangnam Style[1] but a lesser known Korean song is also making waves in Asia and around the world.

The Gwyiomi song (also known as the Kwiyomi song or sometimes the Kiyomi song) is a cute song released on February 18 2003 by Hari, a female South Korean singer. The song was inspired by a series of cute gestures (known as the 'Gwiyomi  Player') created by Jung Ilhoon, a member of the South Korean boy group Born to Beat (BtoB). The Gwiyomi song itself was released as a single on the iTunes store and there was no offical music video. However, thousands of people (mainly girls) have uploaded videos of themselves performing the Gwiyomi player along with the song.

The Gwiyomi Song is from KoreaCredit: By Various [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Below is the Gwiyomi player, although if you were not a fan of BtoB, you probably wouldn't get its appeal. Still, that was the clip that inspired a thousand other videos so it's definitely worth a mention.

Gwiyomi player by Jung Ilhoon (without the song)

What exactly is Gwiyomi?

The term is supposedly a slang word in Korean for cute person or cutie. The song itself is about a girl who's in a cafe with her boyfriend and basically some stuff she tells him, like not to look at other girls or chat with them. The chorus is where the Gwiyomi gestures are used and it's basically just saying 1 + 1 equals Gwiyomi all the way until 6+6 with different gestures for each number.

The lyrics don't make any sense but it doesn't make the videos less cute!

Cutest performance of Gwiyomi song ever!

After going through a bunch of Gwiyomis, some of them cute, most of them acting cute, and some totally yuck ones, the following video by Gail Sophicha was the one I liked best. She even ended her performance playing a ukelele (This cute little girl took part in season 2 of Thailand's Got Talent in 2012 with her ukelele too!) The video has had over 2.7 million views and probably even higher by the time you read this. It's also one of the very few Gwiyomi performances by kids.

A popular one by Mild Jiravechsoontornkul

The following Kiyomi by Thai celebrity Mild Jiravechsoontornkul has garnered over 4 million views since March 15 2013, one of the highest view counts for Kiyomi videos.

Guys do the Gwiyomi too

While not as numerous as videos by girls, plenty of guy kiyomis have been uploaded on YouTube too. Here's one of them (it comes with translated lyrics!)

And you can do the Kiyomi with a friend

Or with a sibling, like Nick and Stella below:

Gwiyomi Song Parody

This is one of the funniest parodies of the kiyomi that's actually safe for work:

Official Gwiyomi Song (without gestures)

If you're not sick of it yet

Most of the user-uploaded videos of the Gwiyomi are only partial. The full song is available on iTunes or you can watch the following video. It's just the complete song and a static image: