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Below is a step by step guide to achieving the most out of a Lansky Stick Sharpener! Hopefully this guide is clear and precise! 

Step 1: Set up your sharpner

Begin by placing the darker colored sticks (called the medium grit sticks) in either the  20 degree or 25 degree hole slots. According to the Lansky website, 25 degrees is used for most kitchen knives while 20 degrees is suitable for sharper knives (such as fillet knifes.) 

The 25 degree slots are on the left side and the 20 degree slots on are the right. 

Step 2: Sharpening

Get the knife that is dull. Turn the sharpener so that the longest side is facing you. Starting at the top, take the knife to the inside of the "V" shape the sticks make and stroke downwards while applying pressure to the knife while keeping it straight. 

During this downward stroke, make sure to start at the heel of the knife and move the knife so you end up at the toe of the blade to ensure an even sharpening. 

Alternate back and forth between sides using the entire "V." Generally, anywhere this step should be done 8-12 times. 

Step 3: Fine Sticks

Once step 2 is completed, locate the white sticks (called the fine grit sticks) and repeat step 2 with at the same degree in step 1. These polish off the finer edges of the blade that are required for a sharper blade.

If you are still finding that your edges are dull I would suggest using a knife sharpening stone. This device provides the grittiness that the Lansky cannot offer.  

Remember to always store your sharpener properly to prolong the life of the sticks. Also, to avoid damage to the blade you should ensure that the knife is stored and used properly.

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