Watermelon patterned yoke knitted on a plain t-shirt.

Knitting pattern

Watermelon T-Shirt Yoke

Knit a Yoke on a T-Shirt

Dress up a plain T-Shirt with a knitted yoke. You'll need knowledge of knitting and how to read a pattern. Will take between 8 to 10 hours to complete the yoke, depending on your skill.

Things You'll Need:

  good quality white T-shirt
  100% cotton worsted weight yarn, about 200 yards
  50 yards dark green, 50 yarns light green, 100 yards of dark pink
  1/2 inch black buttons for seeds
  2-1/2 yarns dark green embroidery floss
  24 inch circular knitting needle, size 7
  16 inch circular knitting needle, size 5


Step 1(41537)

     Step 1. Wash and dry T-shirt according to the label. Press shirt. Lay the T-shirt on a smooth, flat surface. Use the ruler to measure down 5 inches from the bottom of the neck ribbing and mark with the washable marking pen. Measure and mark until the whole yoke has been done.
   Step 2. Now connect the marks to make a continuous line.

Connect lines

  Step 3. Using the ruler again, divide the line into one inch sections.

Running stitches

     Step 4.  With embroidery floss and beginning at the right shoulder seam, loosely sew along the line in a running stitch. Use about 4 stitches per inch. Do this all around the yoke of the T-shirt. Tie off.

Pick up Stitches

   Step 5.   To pick up stitches for knitting, use the size 7 needle and the dark green yarn. Start on the right shoulder and hold the shirt with the neck edge toward you, slip the needle under the first running stitch, YO, and pull the stitch onto the needle. As you pick up the stitches, take care from pulling the running stitches it will cause gathers in the T-shirt. Do this all around the yoke of the T-shirt. Now, you will work in continuous rounds changing colors as per the pattern that follows.

Knit around


      Step 6. Knit around

      Round 1: Turn neck edge away from you. Knit around, evenly increasing or deceasing to a multiple of 12.
      Rounds 2 to 6: Knit around
      Round 7: (P 10, P 2 together) around.
      Rounds 8-13 With light green, knit around.
      Round 14: (P9, P2 together) around
      Rounds 15-18 With pink, knit around.
      Round 19 ( K8, K2 together) around.
      Round 20-23: Knit around.
      Round 24: (K7, K2 together) around.
      Rounds 25-28: Knit around.
      Round 29 (K6, K2 together) around.
      Knit until yoke reaches the bottom of the T-shirt ribbing at neck edge.
      Change to smaller needle and work K2, P2 for inch, to make ribbing. Bind off loosely.
      Sew on black buttons to look like seeds.

Tips & Warnings

      Use a good quality T-shirt
      Gauge with size 7 needle 5 stitches and 7 rounds = 1 inch
      Change needles to get the right gauge
      Work in continuous rounds, place a marker to help with this.