Knitted ties are a real fashion statement. Perfect for creative men, who know how to match clothes and accessories in an interesting way, they offer you a shabby chic, relaxed look. Knitted ties are casual accessories, so you shouldn’t put one on when you are wearing your best silk jacket. They work very well with heavier jackets, like wool jackets, with knitted vests and even V-neck line sweaters. Although those ties are sometimes seen as yesterday accessories, if you wear and match them right, you’ll obtain a truly fashion forward effect. You can go for colorful items, because the textured tie’s surface brings a warm touch even to very bright colors.

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Those accessories became very popular in the 60th and made a remarkable come back over the last years. You see them now as part of the collections of famous designers and worn by celebrities. Suitable both for formal and informal occasions, skinny knitted ties are generally made of wool, but you can find items also made of cotton or even silk. Narrow ties are better when it comes to knit fabric, because this way you can reduce a lot the size of your tie’s knot. Those accessories work not only for men, but also for women.

How To Make Hand Knitted Ties

 Knitting a tie is not complicated, so, if you want to make a great surprise to a friend or family member, you can give it a try. The first step is to pick the right type of fiber. You can go with a thin wool yarn, or with cotton yarn. There are different models you can pick: stripes, dSolid Navy Blue Knitted NecktieCredit: Amazon.comots or other shapes you can knit from yarn of different color. There are lots of patterns online, which can teach you exactly how to knit the perfect tie. You can even make a set – a tie and a matching vest or sweater.

How To Find Vintage Knitted Ties

If you are very passionate about knitted ties or you want to make a present to friend of yours, who know that appreciates vintage items, you should search for vintage knitted ties. You can find such items in a lot of places, like antique shops, flea markets or online. If you search long enough, you can find interesting color combinations and patterns, which make a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. When shopping for such items, especially if you do it online, it’s very hard to spot the difference between a genuine vintage tie and a new one, made to look vintage. If you truly want an antique, make sure you buy it from a reputable, trustworthy seller. Read some reviews, just to check if the seller has a good record with former customers. The price is another aspect you need to consider. Paying a lot of money on an antique one might not be worth it, since you can knit a new one yourself.

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When it comes to casual ties, the Thom Sweeny knitted ties are one of the best options. Thom Sweeny designers took this item and transform it into an elegant, fashionable item. You can wear the every day for work and you’ll look not only elegant, but also relaxed. If you don’t like the formal, conservative appearance of silk or satin ties, then knitted ones are the best replacement. There are a lot of occasions when you just don’t know what to wear: should you put on a tie or not? You certainly don’t want to be over dressed, but you also hate when you are the only man in the room not wearing a tie. Well, in such moments, a knitted one is a great solution. Versatile and casual, you are never over dressed when you put in on, but you are still wearing a tie, so you have all the basis covered. 

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You can find a lot of cheap knitted ties – those items are pretty inexpensive, so you can afford buying one to match each of your favorite jackets, sweaters of vests. When it comes to cleaning them, well, you need to stick to dry cleaning. If you wash them with water, you risk them to shrink, if they are made of wool. Also, the dry cleaning keeps the colors vivid and fresh for a long time.