When beginner knitters first start knitting it is advisable to use a normal ply wool. Fancy colored or bulky wools are harder to use when learning to knit with because the wool will split easier causing the beginner to create extra stitches without realizing this.

Materials Needed
Size 4 Knitting needles
2 contrasting colored skeins 12 ply wool
Darning needle to sew seams

Pattern instructions

Cast on 18 stitches
Knit first row
Purl second row
Repeat first and second row 8 times (16 rows total) or required size.
With right side facing you change to contrasting color and knit 4 rows (garter st)
Again with right side facing you cast on 8 stitches, knit row.
Next row cast on 8 stitches and knit row.
Knit 6 more rows
With right side facing cast off 8 stitches, knit row
Next row cast off 8 stitches knit row
Change back to first color
*Knit row
Purl row*
Continue from * to * 7 times
Right side facing knit 5 stitches cast off the next 8 stitches knit to end of row (total 10stitches on needle)
Purl 5 stitches turn
Knit same 5 stitches
Purl 5 stitches
Cast off 5 stitches leave long length wool for sewing seams
Repeat same with last 5 stitches and cast off.

Make another one the same as this.


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Knitted Toy Bear

 Making up Bear

Sew eyes, nose and mouth on with black wool or similar thread
Sew up all seams leaving bottom open.
Fill with small amount of filling, pushing some into the arms.  Don’t make it too thick.
Sew up the base of the bear.
To make it look like legs sew a firm tacking stitch from base of bears jumper through filling down to the base.
Make like a draw string with wool of same color around base of neck to pull the bears neck in just a little. Finish off so it won’t come undone.

To make bear with legs separated
For the more experienced knitters use two balls of wool in same color and cast on 9 stitches on both needles knit as before.  When your reach change of color knit next row as one piece by knitting the whole 18 stitches with one ball of wool, this will join the legs back together for body section.

Why not start now and make up a few knitted toys and donate them to charity to improve Christmas for less fortunate children. Or the beginner knitter could try making knitted toddler slippers

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