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This is part three of my Knotted Net tutorial for 3ds max. In the previous parts we created a knot and expanded it to a piece of net. Check out the previous tutorials:

(You can get all files of this tutorial for free - scroll down to the end of the article to find out how)

Things You Will Need

3ds max or another 3d authoring software



Now in the Modify panel apply Unwrap UVW-Modifier



This is where the "fun" begins. :) Click the big "Edit..." button. All Uvs are jammed in the little UV-square. The good news is that because we used a spline to create the cords of the net, Uvs are actually very clean. We only need to stretch them to allow the texture to tile on the mesh. In my case the Uvs need to be stretched vertically but I guess depending on how you built your model you might have to stretch them horizontally instead. There is no good way to explain this step by step. I'd suggest selecting the separate cords of the net and moving them to the side in UV space and then working on each one individually paying special attention to the uvs of the knots. Once you understand what you're doing you should be able to fix the uvs in 10 minutes or so. Good luck!

I hope you were able to complete this tutorial. If not, please leave a comment and let me know where you are having difficulties.

You can get all files of the tutorial for free (you will have to register to turbosquid though. Sorry, wish there was a way around this :) )

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