Hemorrhoid laser surgery is surely the most advanced treatment available for hemorrhoids. Just before we talk about the laser surgery we need to understand hemorrhoids so that we can make comparisons between this laser treatment and other available treatments. Well hemorrhoids are basically veins which are increased in length due to some infection, and because of the extra pressure they become swollen, the other reason are those clots of blood which just stick in those small veins and finally result in infection. There are two types of hemorrhoids the internal hemorrhoid and the internal hemorrhoids. Both have almost similar causes for example pregnancy, or standing for long time like people who are working at counters or at reception, other reasons may also include the kind of food you eat for example extra chilly food can lead towards hemorrhoids. Simply there are different reasons for hemorrhoids which may vary case to case.

What is hemorrhoid laser surgery

The article has tried to give you the understanding of hemorrhoids now lets see what hemorrhoid laser surgery is. Well in the laser surgery two types of laser beams are used the 1st one is carbon dioxide based and the 2nd one is neodymium based. It is surgeons concern which is suitable for a particular case. In the laser surgery treatment the surgeon uses laser in such manner that it clots the blood in those blood vessels. To do this they use 3 different laser techniques

  • Infrared-Photocoagulation
  • Laser-coagulation
  • Hemorrhoid-dectomy

There is a mix point of view about its effectiveness some researchers say that, the traditional surgery is much effective, others said Hemorrhoid laser surgery is effective. But the reports have shown that the laser treatment is not a permanent solution as in this technique blood vessels in hemorrhoids are temporarily blocked so in some cases hemorrhoids may rise again.

Now the question is why to select or why not to select Hemorrhoid laser surgery. The people who are affected by hemorrhoid want get rid of this disease at any price. So they found laser treatment a magical treatment which can provide them with the solution in few hours. Other reason could be that the people are just sick of those medicines suggested by the doctor and just because most the medicines take time to show desired result that's why people prefer laser surgery. Some people say that they prefer laser treatment because it causes less pain or no pain, as compare to other treatments or with comparison to that traditional treatment. But one of the major problems with laser surgery is its cost i.e. with comparison to other treatments it is highly costly. May be for some patients cost is not a problem but for many it matters a lot.

Well as mentioned above the first reason not to select hemorrhoid laser surgery is its high cost. The second reason are perceptions about its results in the public, many people think that after 4-6 month of the laser treatment, the hemorrhoids may arise again. And it sounds quiet right because in laser treatment the hemorrhoids are blocked by clotting the blood in the vessels. If the laser treatment is not permanent treatment then the word permanent can't be used for traditional surgery too. I know few people who had that scraping surgery instead of hemorrhoid laser surgery, in beginning it was successful but after 6months they suffered again with hemorrhoids. But if we make comparison between all the treatments the laser surgery is much better then others in many terms, like at least you don't feel pain during surgery. Every type of treatment has its own pros & cons.

Now some one can ask why those treatments are not affected as much as they should be. Most of the researchers say that in most of the cases the doctors can't identify the reason due to which the person is suffering from hemorrhoids.

For example if someone is suffering from hemorrhoids because of the kind of food he/she eats, and after the complete treatment he keeps eating the same food, definitely he will suffer again. In simple words any treatment either hemorrhoid laser surgery or scalping surgery it is necessary to remove the basic cause of the disease. Another example could be that if some one is suffering from hemorrhoids because of the kind of job he is doing and he gets the treatment and goes back to the same job, there are bright chances to get involve in the same disease again. So identify the cause first.

Let's summarize the above discussion, hemorrhoid laser surgery has it own pros & cons, where other treatment has there own advantages and disadvantages. In short the laser surgery offers you fast treatment i.e. within couple of hours you would be free to go home means you have no need to stay at hospital, where as in other treatments you have to wait for long period of time or have stay at hospital after the surgery.

But like every other treatment the laser surgery also some issues with like it has some side affects like, after laser treatment the patient might face some side affects on treatment area, so he has to take care of that area. It might cause other medical problems to patient. But most important of every thing if you want a permanent solution, then its necessary to indentify the basic problem which is causing you hemorrhoids, remove that reason first then go for the solution because without your help doctor can't indentify the right reason for your problem.

Well in the end I must say that overall the laser surgery is much better then other available treatments, as no treatment can assure you hundred percent result, then why not select the treatment which involve less risk, time and pain. Don't forget to speak to your doctor before taking any decision to clear up any questions you might have and make sure you are doing the right thing. After making comparisons of all the treatments available at present we can say that every technique has some problems but hemorrhoid laser surgery is providing reasonably permanent solution to the problem.