The one you love

There are distinctive ways to know if the one you love is on your team. It's not enough to say they love you, but there must be specific truths to their love that back it up. Here are the sure fire ways to know if they are with you. If you have found the one who is on your team and on your side, you are one of the lucky ones. If you haven't and you're still searching, keep searching, you will find them if you don't give up! Don't settle for less than you deserve.

When the chips are down, is your loved one right there by your side? Not only are they there for you but they are rooting for you through thick and thin even if you're having a bad day? If they desert you, call you a baby and make you feel worse, they are not. Best to own up to it early so you avoid the heartache of it. This is not how love is expressed.

Someone who is true to you will go to war for you in a sense. They will defend you, and literally come to your rescue. They will always look out for your benefit, putting theirs last. This also will show in expressions that you see on their face. This will be seen by others while you're not around in what they say and how they talk about you. They will shine true for you, whether you are by their side or not. They understand you and what your values are. Your values are important to them, even if you see things differently.

Heart box

They will do anything to make things better. Even if they don't succeed, they will try. This is a sure sign that your unhappiness is theirs as well. They just want to see you happy because it make them sad to see you unhappy.


They will also give you the benefit of the doubt. They will truly trust and beleive in you and all that you do. They will trust you faithfully and even when you mess up, they will forgive you and not rub it in your face. 

This is because someone who truly loves you will love you unconditionally, knowing that you aren't perfect but they love you despite imperfections. 

You should never settle for imitations, they will only add to any unhappiness that comes your way. True love is never perfect but always makes things right eventually.


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