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It is privileged that there are accessible single parent low income grants. Many single parent homes live in poverty. Henceforth, this problem of unfortunate single mother households is a legacy of numerous cultures which are thousands of years old. Whether from Caucasian, black or yellow-skinned, of different religions or statures, there is a old-fashioned line of assumption that women have their place only in the house and attaining higher education is insignificant.

Help for Low Income Mothers

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This may be true in the past when incomes were limited but family and public connections were solid. For wives to stay at home and attended to the kids needs while husbands went out to toil, this was reasonable for the far ago past. If things went out of hand with the men, the community including their extended families reached out for help. Today, this out-dated picture no longer exists. Women with little education catch themselves in deep monetary distress especially when something happens to their men.

Most of these families fall into deeper poverty. In several cases, there are unwed mothers. For some, there are widows or divorcees. Others were abandoned by their husbands. Nevertheless, these families need assistance. Luckily, there are now single parent low income grants available. These grants do not need to be paid back. They are not always officially classified as financial support for unfortunate single parent families though they may take many different forms.

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Usually recipients of these endowments are kinfolks with the mother as the breadwinner. Many single parent low income aid programs offer lodging sponsorships. Sometimes housing with low-rent is provided to these underprivileged single mothers and even additional money is prearranged to subsidize rental and offer home loans with low-interest. Subsidies for childcare are also common. It allows the parent to go to work having peace of mind because their children in school are given free textbooks and school fees are sponsored. Scholarship grants are also given to these children. Aside from money grants given directly to these families, there are college and other single parent low income scholarships assumed. This is a big advantage especially to low income single parents. These educational scholarships are offered especially to those who hunger for better lives and have better jobs.

Statistics on Single-Parent Families

There are a number of truths regarding single parent homes. Best one is that their count continues to increase.  However, financial help programs are accessible from all stages of the government, as well as private groups. Acceptance of the aid can be a humbling experience, but it helps families attain their basic needs.

It is very usual nowadays that the number of single-parent families have risen. Higher education’s cost has risen as well where attending college is a necessity to gain employment in order to survive.

Single Parent Aids – Educational, Medical and Others

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Applying for Free Application Federal Student Aid is one source of federal sponsorship. When a student (child or parent) completes FAFSA, he or she may apply for different Federal and other single parent low income grants and loans. All assistance is need-based with the omission of student loans. These are all exceptional opportunities for monetary assistance and must be used. However it is usually not ample to cover tuition fees and even living expenses. A single parent attending school is most probably an independent student and additional single parent low income grants and loan resources is available.

With regards to medical assistance, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) gives free or low-cost health insurance to children and families who qualify but do not have health insurance. There is even additional help for energy costs called the heating and cooling bills. Aids for housing through the HUD program of the US Department was developed to increase home ownership and accessing affordable housing.

Organizations Helping Single Mothers

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An organization who helps single mothers is Co Abode which offers shared housing to lessen living expenses costs. It aids single mothers to find roommates who as well are single mothers to share in the expenses – an example of disposable income. The organization claims to lessen costs in housing in half as well as give children a better and safer school town. Another is the Sunshine Lady Foundation offering a program to help those who were victims of domestic violence. Their goal is to give assistance to those victims get an education and gain employment as well as personal independence.

Applying for Single Parent Low Income Grants

Where though can single moms apply for assistance in this world that deprives them of their rights for a better life? Many single mothers play the role of breadwinners in most families. They experience difficulty in their finances. Grants are great financial help that single moms can use. However, it would take time and effort for them to apply for such grants but the rewards outweigh the work involved.

Below is a list of government institutions that accepts applications of single parents:

1.       Food Assistance.  Food Stamp Program is operated by the Federal government to assist low income families regarding their nutritional needs.

2.       Federal Education Grants.  The Federal government offers single parent low income grants who wish to pursue higher education.

3.       Government Internships. These grants cater to mothers who just finished college.

4.       Housing Assistance. For low income single mothers, this assistance is given to aid them in their housing applications by securing down payments assistance or other loan programs.


Times have definitely and drastically changed. Before, extended families and the community used to lend a helping hand. The government and charitable organizations now stand for single families. A poor woman with little children to feed need not fall into desolation just because her fellow citizens reject to help her. If she wants her family to be saved, all she needs is to be persistent in searching for single parent low income grants. She would still need to work very tough though, giving her kids up to orphanages will no longer be the only option – single parent low income grants is the answer.