What Mallu, Malayalam, Masala Means

For everyone who is not familiar with what mallu Malayalam masala means, this article provides basic information intended for those who are not acquainted with this topic. Everyone else who already knows what they mean may still learn a thing or two so please read on.

What Mallu Means

If you break the three words apart and find out what they mean individually, your idea of the whole concept may become different from what it actually means. For example, “mallu” refers to a person who has descended from a Malayalam origin. It used to be a slang with defamatory meaning similar to how African Americans are called insulting names by anyone white and not black in terms of race. But due to cultural changes, mallu is no longer negative in nature.

What Malayalam Means

Malayalam on the other hand actually pertains to one of the official languages spoken in India, most particularly in the southern area where a few states have been established separately from the republic itself. This language is spoken and written by almost 36 million people in south India especially in the regions of Kerala and in united territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry where it is an official language. Other areas which speak Malayalam include the districts of Tamil Nadu (Kanyakumari and Coimbatore), Nilgiris, Dakshina Kannada, Mangalore, Karnataka (Kodagu), Mahe, Andaman, and Nicobar Islands.

BollywoodCredit: http://www.ice-cube.co.ukWhat Masala Means

 When masala is mentioned however, both mallu and Malayalam does not fit into place for it actually pertains to cuisine. Masala describes the combination of spices used in Indian foods. It could be a mixture of dried spices or paste made from spices such as garlic, ginger, onions, chilli, and many more. All these three put together, mallu Malayalam masala can be loosely translated as a Malayalam spice.

Mallu Malayalam Masala


garam masalaCredit: www.finecooking.com

When mallu malayalam masala is mentioned particularly by everyone who are familiar with all three, it pertains to the entire pop culture of South Indian entertainment. If the American movie industry boasts of Hollywood, the Indian counterpart is Bollywood. The popularity of the Indian movie entertainment world even caused a few Bollywood actors and actresses to start an international movie career through Hollywood. Although Bollywood is more demographic to the whole of India, Malayalam masala films can be considered “indie” in nature due to the entire production process by which they were made.

For one, although millions of people actually speak the Malayalam language they are still considered a minority in India. Otherwise, no derogatory term such as “mallu” which pertains to them would have been created to begin with. Second, most of these films are produced with the intention of profit, despite lacking story lines and not so famous stars. In some cases, Malayalam masala movies can be too sexy and nude in theme they can almost fall into the category of adult restricted films.

Mallu Malayalam Masala in Different Media Platforms

Despite everything these types of movies lack, their popularity in India and everywhere else around the world cannot be denied. People in the south Asia region appreciate Malayalam masala movies specially those who can speak the language, but are based outside India. Even the north territories which had always regarded the south to be inferior highly regard Malayalam movies and their respective stars. Some actors and actresses in this side of India have even become successfullPVR Plaza at CP or Rajiv ChowkCredit: www.flickr.com/photos/sandico7y crossing over to the north and to Bollywood fame.

Speaking of Malayalam stars, most women despite participating in nudity through mallu malayalam masala movies are always appreciated because of their beauty. Indian women are actually known to be lovelier from the south over those up north. Quite a number of beauty queen title holders have Malayalam origin.

Mallu Malayalam Masala in Different Media Platforms

Today, Malayalam entertainment as a whole is featured in different media forms. In newspapers, you can read about them in Malayala Manorama, Matrubhumi, Deepika, and other popular news media companies. Aside from newspapers, various television channels also sponsor a show or two with a Malayalam theme. Some of which include Asianet, Amrita TV, Surya TV, Kiran TV, Kairali TV, and so much more. You may also find information and even watch streaming videos over the internet. There are even streaming video channels online which are dedicated solely for Malayalam movies. Here, you can watch 24/7 and see videos, news, updates, and other information about the Malayalam film industry.