Current La Redoute lines are making a pretty big splash in the fashion world this season. The fancy French company makes fashions for men, women and children – and the selection of La Redoute from is enough to make trend-conscious shoppers of all ages and sexes salivate.

La Redoute’s Autumn/Winter collection for men includes a straight cut cotton checkover shirt; long sleeved stretch cotton t shirts; and round neck woollen sweaters with cable detailing. In other words, the right outfit for a very fashionable backwoodsman.

Men’s fashion in general this season is all about looking dependable, rugged and the kind or person who lives a healthy outdoor life. Even urban fashions in the La Redoute from range are all about the outdoors in some way – work boots to finish off the jeans; and of course the urban hooded sweatshirt, which has been a consistent fashion must have for all 25-35 year old men for around the last 10 years.

The hooded sweatshirt, of course, owes its origins to the warm protective clothing worn by lumberjacks and other outdoor working types – and also has roots in the idea of urban training (I’m thinking specifically about the iconic and oft-repeated scene from the first Rocky movie, in which Sly runs up the steps to Philly Town Hall wearing those grey sweats and hoodie.

La Redoute's women’s range for Autumn and Winter includes a selection of voile shirts, which look beautifully simple and go with a fitted jean for a kind of cross between country n western and metropolitan Paris look. The same theme wanders throughout the La Redoute range for women this year – polka dot cowgirl shirts bringing in a hint of the Midwestern plans, while water repellentcotton belted raincoats remind one irresistibly of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

There’s a hint of the English countryside in some of the La Redoute at lines this year too. Check out the Prince of Wales check single breasted wool overcoat, which goes perfectly with skinny leg jeans and knee boots for a sizzling upper crust look that fits as well in a city Range Rover as it does into a Land Rover on the country estate!

Mustn’t forget shoes of course – and this year La Redoute has outdone itself. Ballet pumps, suede and leather for a combination of textures and feels, make the perfect partner to most outfits – including the skinny leg jean and Prince of Wales check combo I mentioned earlier.

Then there are handbags and plenty of them. This year the handbag is all about travel – must have accessories that look like scaled down versions of the kit you’d expect an explorer from Dr Livingstone’s time to have used.

Coloured leather is big this year as well, and will complement the coloured fabric of popular skinny leg jeans. And despite what I may have said in an earlier blog (I think I was talking about men at the time, so I’m kind of safe!), there’s still a place for the humble duffle too.