As a homeowner, if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having water damage and needing to hire a good water restoration company, don’t panic. It’s important to move quickly on this situation but even more important, you want to take the correct steps to ensure you hire the right company that will do a quality job. Listed below is what you need to know before hiring a water restoration company.

Get a referral. Try to talk to at least 2-3 or as many as five companies. The best place to get referrals is through your insurance adjuster, a local builder’s association or your own personal contacts. You want to talk to at least one person who has successfully used the company before. Make sure the water restoration company is licensed and bonded and confirm it with your state’s licensing board. Ask if they will work with your homeowner’s policy staff. Your policy should cover most water damage particularly water heaters and pipes that burst, exploding dishwashers and toilets and overflowing tubs.

Ask good questions. When you have a list of companies you want to interview, make sure with the top two or three that you meet each of them face-to-face. Some questions to ask would be what services do they provide and are they experts at what you need done? How do they assure a quality job? How do they handle change orders? Can you see examples of their past work? Do they charge by hour or project and what is their minimum? What do they charge for emergency services and repairs?

Get it in writing. Once you have narrowed down your choice to one, it is essential that you get a detailed contract and everything is in writing. Make sure the contract includes the project timeline, work to be performed, cost fees and payment milestones, their insurance and bonding information and warranty on their work. You will also want them to be specific on what they are doing to ensure that you receive a quality job. No detail is too small so be sure to include basic rules like cleanliness of your property, use of phones and indoor restroom, etc.

Finding a quality water restoration company doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you follow the above tips. Find a reliable online company that is an expert in this area and you won't be disappointed.