Coupons have been a long trusted money saver of shoppers for decades. Knowing your local store policies, the types of coupons available to you and where to get them, can dramatically make a difference in your monthly budget.

Understanding your local grocery stores coupons policy is a great place to start. This will help you to narrow the search for coupons, and pin point what you can and cannot use. While some stores advertise their coupons polices, some do not. Take the time to ask the customer service representative at your local store some simple questions, empowering your spending.

First ask about in-store coupons, these are generally found either in the mailers or newspaper flyers. Next you need to know if the store honours manufacturer's coupons in conjunction with a store coupon (ton the same item at the same time). Most stores do, if yours doesn't check out the competition. Also determine if your store offers double, and sometimes triple coupons. Lastly ask if the store accepts coupons from the internet.

Many websites now exist offering coupons to products you buy on a regular basis. The internet is an excellent resource for coupons, while it is both cost effective for the advertiser and environmentally friendly.

Empower your spending and reap the rewards of a budget surplus every month, by knowing your local store and the exceptional coupons available to you both in your weekly flyers and on the web.