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Colonic irrigation is sometimes referred to as colon cleansing, colon therapy or colon hydrotherapy.  This therapy encompasses several other therapies that are referred to as alternative medical treatment.  The objective of these therapies is to remove general toxins and feces from the human colon as well as the intestinal tract.  Colon irrigation or cleansing usually takes the form of either hydrotherapy of the colon or oral regimes of colon cleansing like dietary pills supplements. 

The human colon, also refereed to as the large bowels or large intestines, is the part of the human digestive system that is located towards the end of the entire digestive tract inside the abdominal cavity.  The colon is divided into various regions namely the appendix that is found above the rest of the colonic features.  The ascending colon can be found slightly below the appendix while the transverse colon follows the ascending colon.  The descending colon can be found towards the end of the tract and sigmoid colon follows this.  Finally the rectum is the last feature of the colon tact. 

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The anus is the opening of the colon tract which is found at the very end of the rectum.  It is a valve and it operates under voluntary management.  The length of the colon varies with every individual.  Normally it may range anywhere between three to eleven feet.  The size of the colon can be hereditary and if one has a longer colon than normal, they may be subjected to constipation tendencies.  The basic bowel structure of the colon is made up of smooth muscles that are not like the skeletal muscular tissues.  The system works automatically in the nervous system.  That is to say the person does not have any conscious management over is functionability.  Once we chew and consequently swallow food, the digestive system does the rest of the processing of the food.  The only time the person has control over the digestion process is the elimination or evacuation of the bowel.

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The Function of the Colon

The colon, large intestines or large bowel has the task of absorbing again, all bile, water soluble salts and all digestive juices and transferring them back to the blood circulation system, which then travels to the liver.  The colon also stores undigested foods that occur in the colon tract as well as other waste products from the body until such a time when these food and waste products are physically eliminated from the body. 

The colon also performs the duties of hosting numerous numbers of bacteria that are beneficial to the body.  These beneficial bacteria assist the human body with many tasks.  These include the proper regulation of cholesterol limits which is important in maintaining healthy levels also within the entire body, offering much needed body immunity to destructive infections, the production of various vitamins and finally maintaining a healthy colonic tract.  Naturally, the human body is expected to empty the bowel after every twenty four hours.  The colonic system or tract is a very significant part of the entire digestive and elimination system because waste from the lymphatic system, the bloodstream as well as the alimentary tract all collect in the colon before they are removed from the body.  It is of utmost importance then, that the maintenance and health of the colon is upheld.  A proper functioning and healthy colon helps in upholding and maintaining the overall body balance.

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How Colon Cleaning is Done

To keep a healthy colon tract, it is equally important to visit the doctor for regular examinations.  Many people only visit a doctor when a dysfunction of the bowel is experienced.  The numerous waste products that may be left behind for long periods of time in the colon can eventually be absorbed back to the body and this can cause the feeling of being ill.  It is generally believed that much accumulation of feces that are putrefied get affixed to the wall cavity of the colon or large intestines, leading to general ill health as the walls house parasites and other pathogens that cause general symptoms.

When you visit a doctor with an unclean colon, the doctor will do a colon irrigation or hydrotherapy.  Some colon hydrotherapy procedures utilize tubes to introduce water as injections.  This water is sometimes mixed with other fluids and herbs for a maximum cleanse.  The water is injected into the colon tract through the rectum by the use of some special equipment and gadgets.  Another method of cleaning the colon is through taking oral herbs, dietary fiber, laxatives or dietary supplements. 

There is no scientific documented proof to support the alleged gains of performing colon irrigation or colon cleansing.  The large intestines are in themselves not dirty as it cleans itself naturally.  They further believe that colon cleansing disrupts he natural balance that is contained in the colon between the naturally occurring chemicals and certain bacteria.  This could ultimately interfere with the large bowel’s ability to remove dead cells that are presented from the body. However some people believe it is a necessary procedure.  The colon is irrigated or cleaned off and solid matter is removed from the colon using a treatment of liquid foods as well.  Cleaning of the body is important and the colon is no exception.  Colonic irrigation can help alleviate the general symptoms of auto intoxication which include irritability, loss of appetite, headaches and fatigue. 

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Is Colonic Irrigation Safe?

Because the procedures and processes of colon irrigation are not administered by unqualified personnel, they are quite safe and effective.  A qualified ARCH therapist does the procedures.  Additionally, since 2010 all ARCH practitioners and therapists are monitored separately by the proper authorizing government body to give the patient more confidence in the procedure. 

The water, either treated or not, is flashed at relatively low pressures and therefore there is hardly any danger of perforation to the bowel and the large intestines.  All the equipments and gadgets that are used during the procedure of colon irrigation are sterilized or disposable.  The sterilization is done under the hospital or clinic’s approved sterliants or autoclaves that are regularly serviced and maintained and they can then do other Colonic irrigation procedures