How not knowing a second language can limit your career

Second Language can give your career a huge boost

The hard truth is that even though English is the universal language there are still added value if one can speak a second language. Knowing a second language is like having another instrument to correspond efficiently and added way of success.

The world economy does not focus in the West anymore so not knowing a second language can limit your career especially if the location of the career is outside of the West. There is a trend  in economy is  becoming powerful in Asia where English is not the first language. Notice how new emerging giant economies in Asia is slowly controlling the world like China, Korea and the Middle East. Although these Asian countries are really trying hard to teach its people to learn English, its first language is still generally used in business correspondents. Imagine how can an individual excel in this economies if he don’t speak the local language.  Knowing a second language aside from English can make the exchange of communication flow in a smooth way. This will not only benefit the personnel but will benefit the company. This is why companies are keen to pay higher to those individuals who speak a second language. Not knowing a second language can limit your career because it’s like missing  those opportunities of better position and better benefits.

The world is becoming easier for people to roam around.  People are like bees who can freely travel the world and work as they like. People work and live to a foreign country with totally different culture, tradition, food, and language. In order to fit in to this new society, it’s best to know the local dialect which may take some  time but the ending result is fruitful. If you relate this to business, companies do not  concentrate in one country anymore. They branch out to other countries to reach wider customers. English is the universal medium that brings harmony to people, but having a second language could bridge the gap in communication that cannot be further spoken by English. For those individuals who speak a second language, it will be advantageous in his career debut. He will be an asset and this is a powerful tool of career boost because he can speak the both worlds.

Language is very important mostly to communicate to other human, to know and appreciate more of their culture and nature. Imagine yourself blending in the society; the flow of success will come to you easily. This can be attained only if you speak a second language.