There are literally hundreds of different types of Alarm Clocks on today’s market, they have certainly come a long way since the invention of the mechanical clock which featured a bell on the top as the alarm. Nowadays you will find that clocks come with many features besides just having an alarm . You now have the option of buying a alarm clock with features such as a radio as well as an alarm, digital or LCD screen, one with a CD player plus loads of other features for the consumer to consider.

With so many alarm clocks out there buying one that will suite your needs should be considered, this article will touch on all the things you should consider before buying an alarm clock radio.

As with anything always read the instructions before you buy your clock make sure they are easy and simple instructions to understand. Ask about any warranties or return policies that you maybe entitled to you so that if the clock has a fault in the future you are covered. If you have poor eye sight then choose a clock that has a large LCD screen that can be easily read in the dark as well as the day. They also give you a choice of different colored screens as well. Make sure you are able to customize they way you set your alarm, some people may want to wake up to the sound of a favorite song or radio station instead of some continuous beeping or buzzing sound. A sleep timer or snooze buzzer are handy to have therefore some people may choose to wake up in a way that is prgressive  and this can be easily done by the push of a button.

Some people may find it quite irritating to wake up to the loud sound of an alarm clock so one should consider getting one with a progressive alarm system. This will slowly increase the sound of the alarm so that you can awake slowly with each sound of the alarm. Also having a battery backup system is a wise choice as you never know when there maybe a power outage and most clocks will automatically set themselves back to midnight therefore loosing your alarm settings altogether. Remember there are many types of clocks on the market but the most important thing is to choose one the is right for you. Some people may choose the Ihome clock radio because it has so many extra features, and some may just want a simple digital alarm clock, so be sure you consider your needs first before you buy.