Studies show that over a third of all vehicle accidents occur in intersections. Intersection accidents often happen because drivers cannot see each other when crossing the same intersection coming from different directions. The solution to this problem should have been the traffic light. Unfortunately, there are still drivers who ignore these signals and just do what they want on the road.

When a motorist ignores a traffic light in an intersection, he does not only endanger himself, but other drivers as well. If you are a driver, here are some things you may need to know about intersections to avoid car accidents:

  • Different kinds of intersections have different traffic signals. There are signals for making turns and signals for drivers who would cross the intersection.
  • 4-way crossings are the most common type of intersection. When an accident happens in a 4-way crossing, some vehicles may also get involved.
  • If you are making a turn at an intersection, make sure to check the road signs. When making a turn, make sure that there are no "One-way" or "No Entry" signs in it.
  • Drunk drivers ran through red traffic lights more often than other groups of drivers. A driver under the influence often would not be able to distinguish between traffic light signals.
  • Proper measures should first be observed before making a turn. Remember three things before making a turn: look at the traffic light, look where you are going, and turn your signal lights on.

Because intersections are locations where a lot of vehicles pass by, a single intersection accident may result in a series of collisions. If you want to avoid getting into this kind of mess, you better consider the details given above. Just in case you or a friend got into a car accident, you don't need to worry. You only need to get legal help from a Los Angeles accident attorney and you are ready to file a complaint.

Federal and state governments try their best to keep road and highway intersections safe for drivers. It is on the motorist's part if he would abide by the rules or not. If he chooses to disobey and he gets into an accident, the compromised parties have the right to get an Los Angeles auto accident attorney and file charges against him. In this kind of situation, there is nothing he can do to avoid liability.