If you resigned from your job or were laid off or terminated, there are different loose ends which need to be tied up before you leave the company. Ending your professional relationship with your employer may involve different legal issues, especially if you want to receive befits from him.

A Los Angeles employment attorney will help you determine if you are entitled to certain benefits once you leave the company. In addition, he will help you take legal action against your employer if the latter did not recognize your rights.

When you resign or if you were fired by your employer, you may be entitled to:

  • Receive a severance package- Employers do not have the responsibility of providing a severance pay or package to workers who voluntarily or involuntarily leave the company. They may only be required to do so if:

  1. You and your former employer have signed a written contract, which states that you will receive a severance package upon the end of your employment.
  2. A promise of providing a severance package may be found in the employment manual or handbook.
  3. Your employer made an oral promise that he will give you a severance package when you leave the company, regardless if you resigned or were terminated.
  4. The company has a history of providing such benefits to former employees.

Remember, severance packages may include other benefits, not only money. You can negotiate with your employer regarding the benefits that will be included in it. Your employer may agree to your demands if the terms of your termination are questionable and if he wants to avoid being sued.

Here are the different benefits that you may receive through a severance package:

  1. References
  2. Insurance benefits
  3. Outplacement services
  4. Unemployment compensation

  • Have your own unemployment insurance- Benefits may be provided to you while you are not working (either permanently or temporarily). However, the money provided by it is lower compared to your previous salary and you will only be able to receive it up to 26 weeks. The time period allotted for receiving benefits may be extended up to 99 weeks, depending on the circumstances involved in your case and on the state where you are living in.

Not all former employees are eligible for it. You will only be entitled to receive unemployment benefits if you were removed from the company, without any wrongdoings on your part.

For more information regarding the rights of former employees, do not hesitate to call your Los Angeles Labor Attorney. Other kinds of benefits which you may receive upon leaving the company will be seen in Knowing Your Rights after Leaving a Company (Part 2).