written workWriting online to make money could be fun and exciting for those who know how to write and know how to market their work online. Writing cannot be a profitable career online if you do not know how to market your written work. There are countless writing sites online and the good thing about the writing sites is that they are free sites for writers to join. But the problem is, there are millions of writers online vying to become the most read author online. And to top it all, if you lack the knack of marketing your written work, you cannot have viewers which will not earn you money from your written works.

You can become a writer online easily and become a published online writer instantly but if you don't know how to market your work to internet users, you will only be a published online writer minus the money.

Determining your purpose for writing online is good because this will help you to achieve your dream as an online writer. Granted that you just started writing so you are not yet earning money online, you have to do something about it if you want to earn money writing online.

There are different methods and tricks to earning money online through writing and these could be learned by researching the internet. Learn from the experts because it is through them that you can learn the secret of earning money writing online. Perhaps you know a little about marketing your work online but the gurus online are the best teachers who could teach you the steps and the tricks of making money from your published articles.

If you think your articles could earn money by just publishing them in writing sites and leaving them there to work for themselves and earn money while you write more articles, you are wrong. Yes, you can have visitors to your site but mind you, you are lucky if you can have ten visits in your article a day. Yes, that is how tough writing online is. If you are new in the business of making money online through writing you would probably give up in the first few weeks of not seeing any amount, not even a cent in your account. It's tough job writing online if you want to make it as a source of income. If you are a writer who easily gives up then writing online for money is not for you. There is no instant money when you write articles.

When I first wrote my articles online, I didn't expect to earn money from them. I just enjoyed writing articles everyday and watching them grow like mushrooms in different writing sites. I visited my account one day and found out that I made a few cents from my few articles and that motivated me to write more. It is funny for someone who is already as old as me and getting excited for only a few cents earnings. But that is not the point there. The point is, I discovered that the rumor I heard was true after all and one could really earning writing online.

I heard a lot of talk about online earning such as writing articles and doing research work but there are also a lot of talks about scams happening online and that was what I feared the worst. I was worried that my written works would be stolen and what I had worked for will be useless. But when I visited the forums and circulated with the other writers online, it was then that I learned a lot about the writing world online. I forget about my fears and I started discovering other sites that are good for writers.

It is not hard to become a published writer. What is hard is marketing your written works in order for other people to read them. If you have been socializing with different writers around the internet, you have already learned how to market your work. But if you still do not know how then this is for you.

The first and easiest way to market your written work is to tell all the people you know; that is your family, relatives, friends, officemates and neighbors. This is the easiest way to expose your work. Of course these people will read what you wrote but if all the people you know have read your work; then what comes next? This is where other marketing strategies will come in.

There are several social networking sites that you can join. Twitter and facebook are the most popular traffic building sites that you can join. if you know a lot of people, invite them to join the sites and follow you. There are more social networking sites like dig, stumbleupon, myspace, delicious, reddit, mixx, multiply and many more that you can join and promote your articles. All the networking sites could help you build traffic to your writing site but it could be also a tiring job. So what you should do is to choose only the best sites to join.

Another secret to writing success is building links to other articles. You could link to your other sites or you could link to other sites. Linking your site will make your work known. If a user has read your article then she sees another link then she will click on the link and read another article of yours. This will increase the readership of your articles which means more money for you. Remember that links are very important in online writing so do not forget to always put a link to your articles.

Another secret is to write for popular sites like ehow , squidoo and other popular sites then link your article to your article in the site. These popular sites have millions of viewers a day so your articles that you linked have chances of being viewed by more people.

If you have time commenting on other articles, this is also a good way of getting traffic to your site. Always leave a signature so that the writer of the article will visit your site. Leave good comments because you will be remembered with what you write on other people's articles.

Write good articles with good titles so that people will be attracted to your article. Even if your article is well written if your title is dull and does not convey interesting topic, people will not read what you wrote. Remember that the internet is already saturated with millions and millions of articles and your articles have little chance of being read if not promoted.

Writing online for money is something you have to work hard for. If you do your homework well then you will have a chance of earning real money online and not mere cents and pennies.