Stress symptoms

are probably pretty simple to pick up for the most part. Stress can cause a lot of negative feelings and thoughts for a person. It becomes draining, when stress starts to eat away at you. It's important to learn to deal with stress, otherwise it can really start to effect your life. It can cause a lot of pain, frustration, and aggravation. Stress at work can make it difficult to avoid, so that can make it hard to avoid it. Sometimes you just have to learn to deal with it better, because it's always going to be apart of our lives. Before you deal with stress, it's important to understand the symptoms.

Expect emotional pain and physical change. Stress will cause a lot of emotional pain, where it becomes pretty draining on your life. Stress can make a person extremely sad, angry, and depressed. It can make you extremely miserable if you have enough of it in your life. When you become stressed, you just don't enjoy things since you have a lot of troubles on your mind. Everyone needs to understand their limits and know when to pull it back a bit.

It can cause physical changes, like gain weight, or severe weight loss. Stress can cause a person to not eat enough, or over eat. It can really take it's toll on someone physically as well, not just mentally. Studies have shown those who have enough stress in their lives, it can effect how long of a life they live.

Anticipate lack of sleep. When stress hits you hard enough, it can cause a person to not sleep much. For instance a lot people get stressed at work, from working too much, so they stay up all night getting work done. Doing one thing all the time, can cause a lot of stress for one person. It can usually cause lack of sleep.

Recognize stress headaches and physical pain. Stress headaches are pretty common, especially when you don't give yourself any rest from the stress in your daily lives. Other physical pain that can be caused from stress, like heart disease, chest pain, back aches, stomach aches, and can possibly have other effects on your body as well.

Recognize stress can lead to depression and anxiety. Stress can be easily linked to depression and, or anxiety. Symptoms of sadness, anger, and constant worrying is pretty typical to describe stress. So if you'll probably need to seek a therapist, if stress is starting to effect you in these ways.

Increase in high blood pressure. Stress causes a persons blood pressure to increase, which can obviously be very dangerous to a persons health. It's a pretty serious problem to have, extremely unhealthy to your health.

Anticipate lack of energy. Even if you feel you're getting a decent amount of sleep, stress takes a lot out of you. It will make you constantly feel tired, drained, and lack any real motivation or energy at all.