Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been a long trusted health benefit. Most people think that its health benefits only extend to burns but there are so many more benefits that Aloe Vera has. This is a common plant that you can easily grow in your home and is easy to care for. You can buy this in liquid and capsule form.This herb has been a well-known herbal remedy for a long time and has dated back to the early Egyptian era. It’s been said that Cleopatra used Aloe Vera in her beauty cream. The healing benefits can actually adjust to individual needs. This is why it’s called an adaptogen.


This plant in liquid form can help with heartburn and lots of digestive ailments such as ulcers, and colitis. It can be an aid in constipation as well as diarrhea. This is because of its adaptogen properties.


In raw plant form or prepared creams, it’s great for burns, including sunburn or any kind of burn. It will take the sting out of the burn. While it can heal burns, it can also soften the skin which is another added benefit.


 It has been known to increase energy if you take it on a regular basis. Therefore, while dieting, it’s beneficial for keeping your energy at a high level. It will keep you regular and heal any intestinal problems at the same time. This is not recommended for long-time use so it is better to use as an on-off herb, not exceeding two weeks at a time.


Aloe Vera contains Vitamins A & C naturally. It has anti-bacterial properties which is why it’s great for your teeth and gums, where there are lots of germs.


 Pain reliever

This herb can be used for joint and muscle pain. It can be used topically for pain. It’s recommended that you drink it regularly to maintain healing in your joints and muscles. For this reason, it is a natural pain reliever for arthritis. It is recommended that adults drink 2 ounces twice a day. You can put this in any drink or just water.


In some parts of the world it is believed that taking Aloe Vera on a daily basis can control your blood sugar levels. 


 This herb can also cleanse the skin so it has also been used to clear up acne. Taken internally it will help cleanse your body and may guide in clearing up the acne.

 Cautions: This herb should not be used during pregnancy.  Not recommended for children under the age of 12. If you are on medication always check with your doctor before using Aloe Vera internally. This is good to use internally when needed up to two weeks at a time.


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