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Teething is a difficult time for your little one, and it can also be a difficult time for a nervous mommy or daddy who does not know the ins and outs of teething symptoms. Symptoms of teething can look like something more severe, so it helps to know exactly what to expect. Different babies will experience a different set of symptoms; some parents may not even notice that their baby is teething, while other babies might experience a litany of symptoms.

Drooling and Rash

Teething leads to drooling, and it can be unbelievable just how much drooling there is. In turn, drooling leads to another one of the most common teething symptoms which is a rash around the mouth. The constant waterworks can irritate the skin on the chin and cheeks, and you may want to use a little gentle lotion to stay on top of this. Once the teeth push through and the drooling slows down, the rash usually dissipates.


Biting is not the most pleasant of the teething symptoms, but if you are bitten by a teething infant, it is not too painful. However, you are not the only one who will be bitten. Your infant will have the urge to bite and gnaw on his fists, his toys, the dog, and anything else he can get into his mouth. A teething ring or toy is a great idea to help manage this, and biting actually soothes some of the more painful symptoms of teething.

Pain and Irritability

Teething is a painful process. The first set of teeth must break through your baby’s gums that have never experienced this before, so it hurts. Baby pain relievers and teething rings will offer some relief, but it is no wonder that pain and irritability are common symptoms of teething. In addition, because your baby’s gums hurt, he will not sleep as well, which will make him even more irritable. So many common symptoms of teething go hand in hand in this way, starting with the pain.

Gums Hematoma

When baby teeth first break through, some babies experience bleeding. This may take the form of a purplish lump in the gums. While these lumps are common teething symptoms, they can be a little startling for first time parents. Like so many other symptoms of teething, these hematomas, or bruises, can often be soothed with a teething ring or a cold compress.

Low Grade Fever

Parents for generations have equated a low grade fever with teething. There does seem to be a relationship, as a fever has often shown up consistently with teething. However, pediatricians have not been willing to cite this as a definitive symptom of teething. Teething generally occurs at a time when the baby is losing some of the immunities he was born with and therefore, it is also a normal time for infants to contract their first virus or infection. The fever may be a sign of an illness rather than being one of the symptoms of teething.