Wouldn't it be nice if you could tell when you are going to be cheated on before it actually happens? It's not too hard to tell. There are subtle little signs that are there, but they are not obvious because you are blinded by love. Sometimes the signs that someone is being played may be overlooked because there is such intense love and trust. Trust can make a person refuse to believe that there are problems in a relationship.

Dealing With a Player

Nobody likes to be played, not even the infamous players themselves. In fact, they are even more affected by being played. When you are dating someone, you may start to look for any signs that may show you when you are being played. Unfortunately, at first the signs may be hard to spot. Sometimes there are signs staring you right in your face, but you are too busy falling in love over and over again with that person. Usually when the truth is finally revealed, that is the time when you look back and realized that there were red flags, which you had completely ignored.

Recognizing the signs

Don't feel bad, it happens to the best of us. Knowing when you are dealing with a player is very important. To save yourself from emotional turmoil, it is best to keep your eyes open for any little signs. Times are too serious for you to be unaware if you are being played. By being aware you can save yourself from diseases and may even save your life. If you are in a relationship and you notice that your partner is calling you another woman's name, this could be an early sign of cheating. People do make mistakes, but if it keeps happening regularly, you may need to start doing some detective work on your own. Don't start accusing until you have some solid evidence.

Ending the game

Ending the game

A player will be on the defensive at all times. They usually get offended if asked a simple question. This simple act can be a sign of guilt. Most of the times they even try to switch the blame on you. They may even start to accuse you of cheating on them, when in fact they are the one who is doing the cheating. A player can only keep up with his lifestyle for so long, he will eventually start slacking up, allowing you to pick up a few important clues. If you allow it, this relationship will be a never ending game of lies and deceit. If you are scared to end it with him face-to-face, you can do it by phone. It is your job to use this opportunity to find the clues, and bring an end to this player's game.