Improving your brain function and intelligence is possible with practice. Maintaining optimal brain function is essential as we age. People tend to live longer with fewer health problems if they exercise their brain more and strive to improve their knowledge. Have you ever wondered why older people who live longer lives tend to actively exercise their brain and do things to keep their mental focus sharp? Its because it helps them live longer and maintain their health. Read on to learn a few ways that you can increase your brain capacity and keep your mental focus sharp.

Read books on a constant basis. Read books that you enjoy reading by your favorite author and read books on subjects that are new to you. Reading is good for the brain and feeds it new content. Also make a point to read many different types of books, and magazines as this will tremendously broaden your horizons. I have never met a wise and intelligent person who didn't constantly read, whether its books, the bible, or scholarly materials. Many people that I personally know who are successful in life, always read materials that make them smarter and more wiser.

Consider going back to school to study a subject that you've always wanted to learn. This is another great way to increase your knowledge and may even lead to a rewarding career down the road. Knowledge is the key and if you are going to increase how much you know, then make it a point to go back to school to study different subjects and expose yourself to different theories and trains of thought. Your mental aptitude and ability to comprehend difficult subjects and abstract theories will increase.

Watch the news and world news daily. It is good to be informed on what is going on around the world and in our society. This helps you stay on top of things and remain informed and up to date. Watching the news will help you understand what is happening around the world and how current events may affect you. There is no point in being in the dark and uninformed. This will help you understand new theories, events, or ideas that may be being talked about all around the world so make it a point to watch the news.

Do things that stimulate your mind and challenge. For example, do word puzzles, or paint a picture, or play games like chess or bridge. These types of activities will help keep your brain sharp and increase your brain

And lastly, be open minded to learning new things from people. Don't be afraid to open up to new cultures, ideas. or outlooks on life. There is a lot of things out there that you don't know and that may be interesting to you.