Kobido massage is the perfect facial exercise for your skin as it doesn’t involve the application of any chemical product or surgical procedure; the process is simple and will provide the boots your face needs in order to maintain the healthy gloss and juvenile appearance that many women and an increasing number of men are after. Although, in the eternal search of reducing the effect that the passing of the years causes to our skin, many new products have been produced and different techniques introduced, some more invasive than others and even if the efficiency of the majority of them have been challenged, it is important to look in the past and re-introduce alternatives in order to achieve the facial exercises that will provide a healthier and younger skin.


Kobido massage is a facial massage introduced at first in Japan; however, thanks to the promise of reducing fine lines, wrinkles and promote a sensation of peace and equilibrium; Kobido massage is on the increase in the old continent, Europe and slowly spreading in other parts of the world. Kobido is the combination and application of different facial exercises and massage techniques applied to your neck, face and head in order to produce a natural and highly effective facial lifting which is noticeable from the first treatment; it is the perfect technique to improve your skin and look younger.


Exercise for your Face

Kobido is a non-invasive treatment; the only tools needed are the hands and fingers of the therapist which will stimulate the circulation in your face thanks to the deep facial muscular massage achieved during the duration of the massage; this should be done with soft and gentle but at the same time quick sequence of movements in order to equilibrate and rejuvenate your skin. Kobido is so effective that our nervous system will also benefit by a boots in blood and lymphatic circulation, toning and improving the state of your muscles.


Kobido vs. Occidental Massage

Facial occidental massages are normally focus on the superficial side of the face in order to restore and produce a calming effect to the skin; however, Kobido is mainly focus on the state of the skin and the epidermis of the muscle in search of boosting in an effective way the meridian part of your face in order to achieve equilibrium and balance. It is believed that once or twice a week sessions is enough to produce long lasting results; however, combining kobido with a detox process, which means healthy eating, regular exercise, stop smoking and consuming more liquids will produce results faster as you are cleaning your body on the inside and outside.


Benefits of Kobido

Healthy skin is the reflection of the equilibrium and balance of our body and mind; Kobido in the eternal search of maintaining and restoring this equilibrium has a positive impact in your health, well-being and emotional intelligence, increasing longevity and preventing the appearance and recurrence of illness.


-       Improves tonicity in your skin.

-       Boots blood circulation and reduce toxins in our body.

-       Stimulate the production of collagen, improving elasticity and accelerating cellular restoration.

-       Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

-       Relaxation feeling which eventually helps you to release stress and sleep better.

-       It combats headaches.

-       Toxins


Kobido Massage, as a form of facial exercises for your skin should be as important as the food you eat and the practice of regular exercise if you want to keep a healthy and young appearance.