E-reading, also known as digital reading, is becoming increasingly popular and it is clear that e-reading devices and e-books are here to stay, because the advantages are very clear: e-books are environmentally friendly, there is no paper needed to print, don’t take any space, don’t weight anything and with your e-reader you always have your book collection at hand. Kobo, one of the leading companies in the world of digital reading, doesn’t only offer e-readers, but a complete and easy to use web-system, which makes reading and purchasing books a piece of cake. Recently this Canadian firm launched the Kobo Wireless E-reader.

Specifications Kobo Wireless E-Reader

The Kobo Wireless E-Reader has a 6-inch e-Ink screen, 16 levels of gray scale, a battery life of 10 hours or 10,000 page turns, two font styles and five font sizes. The e-Ink screen gives the reader a pleasant reading experience, because this screen is easy on the eyes, even if you are reading in bright sunlight.

The device supports connectivity via USB and WiFi and has a standard 1 GB of disk space, but with a SD card you can expand this  up to 32 GB. The Kobo Wireless E-reader is available in three colors: Porcelain & lilac, silver and porcelain and onyx and comes with 100 classic e-books pre-installed, but the device also gives you access to over 1.8 million free e-books in the Kobo Store.

Kobo Wireless EreaderThe Kobo Wireless E-reader has a nice compact size and is a lightweight. The device weighs only 221 grams and measuring 184mm X120mm and is only 10 mm thick. The back is lightly ribbed, so it does not easily slips from your hand. You navigate through your menus and your e-books on your Kobo Wireless E-reader by the means of four different controls, which makes it easy to browse for instance through your e-book.

E-Books On Your Kobo Wireless E-Reader

The Kobo e-reader comes with an in-built e-book store, which enables you to purchase e-books directly from your device. Buying a book from the Kobo E-book Store is easy and you have a new e-book on your e-reading device in just a few clicks.

It is also possible to buy books from other e-book shops. Via a USB cable and software from Adobe Digital Editions, you can simply transfer the e-books to your Kobo Wireless E-reader.


Because of its price, the Kobo Wireless E-reader is an attractive option for many people interested in digital reading. But not only the price is attractive, this Kobo device is also a good quality e-reader that is easy to use and will bring readers at home, while traveling, on vacation or anywhere else will a lot of reading pleasure.

The Kobo Wireless E-reader is currently available at various retail stores worldwide, like for instance Walmart, Best Buy and Borders and also at a number of online retail stores.

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