A Comparison of Kodak C1530 vs. Kodak C1530

Kodak EasyShare Camera: C Series Showdown

Kodak C1530 and Kodak C1550 are two digital cameras in Kodak’s C series line of cameras. Both of these cameras are entry level digital cameras with similar features. The price difference between the two cameras is roughly $20. The Kodak EasyShare C1530 is available from round $49.00 while the The Kodak EasyShare C1550 can be found for around $69.

Kodak EasyShare


 The Kodak C1530 has a picture resolution of 14 megapixels while the Kodak C1550 has 16 megapixelsKodak EasyShare 1530. Megapixels are one of the factors that attribute to picture quality. The difference in megapixels between these two camera will not be noticeable to the naked eye when it comes in printing 8 x 10s, 4 x 6s or smaller sizes. Some might be able to notice a slight difference when enlarging cropped photos to poster size.







 Both of these cameras have an optical and digital zoom. The optical zoom is the more imKodak C1550portant of the two types of zoom. The Kodak C1550 wins out over the C 1530 in the zoom category with a 5x optical zoom. This zoom goes above and beyond the standard 3x zoom that the C1530 has allowing you to get closer to the action and achieve tighter shots without loosing quality.


LCD Display


Each of these cameras employ a standard 3.0” LCD display screen. The screen is used as a view finder, thumbnail viewer and also displays the camera menu.


Video Recording


The Kodak EasyShare C1530 is slightly less advanced than the Kodak EasyShare C1550 when it comes to capturing video. Although both of these digital cameras have the ability to record video The C1550 captures video in AVI format. This format is one of the most popular of all of the video formats in use. The C1530 on the other hand captures VGA quality video which is a widely used video format of lower quality than .AVI video. The Kodak C1550 also captures sound while in video mode. The Kodak C1530 does not capture sound in video mode. In the battle of Kodak C1530 vs. Kodak C1550 the latter definitely wins!



Other Shared Features


Other features that both digital cameras share is self-timer. The self-timer mode is easy to navigate to with a simple touch of a button. Both cameras also have a time/date stamp. The time/date stamp is optional and can be turned off or on at your discretion. Each camera has face recognition and automatic scene detection as well as pre-programmed scene selection settings that can be accessed via the camera menu.




The Kodak EasyShare C1530 and EasyShare C1550 are both powered by two AA batteries. A battery charger and two AA batteries are included with the purchase of this camera. It is suggested that you purchase additional rechargeable batteries to have on hand in case you ever want to forgo the wait between charging times and have extra batteries to swap out. You could also purchase lithiuKodak Rechargeable AA Batteriesm batteries which are specifically made for devices that require heavy duty batteries. Lithium batteries last longer than regular alkaline batteries and are suggested for use in digital cameras and other high powered devices.


Memory Card

The KSanDisk 4GB SDHC Memory CArdodak C1550 and C1530 both use SD memory cards to store pictures. If you don’t already own an SD card you will need to purchase an SD separately for use in either of these cameras. A two gig card will hundreds of pictures when used with a 14 or 16 megapixel camera.





Both of these digital cameras have great features at a great price. Between the price and features of each of these cameras the fight of Kodak C1530 vs. Kodak C1550 is a tight race.