Kodak C1550

Kodak EasyShare C1500

Kodak C1550 is an entry level point and shoot camera made by Kodak. This camera is from the Kodak C series line of cameras which offers basic featuers for reasonable prices.

Kodak C1550

The Kodak C1550 offers:

  • 16 Megapixels -  Great picture resoultion means lots of flexiblity. You can edit your pictures without sacrificing quality.
  • 5x Zoom - The C1550 goes above and beyond the standard 3x zoom to offer an impressive 5x zoom to get you even closer to the action.
  • 3.0" LCD display - This camera's large screen makes it easy for you to find a good shot. Reviewing your pictures is also easy to do on the 3" screen.
  • AA Battery Powered- Never have to worry about downtown when your camera's battery goes dead. Just fresh AA batteries and keep on shooting.
  • Movie Mode with Audio - Unlike the Kodak C183 or the Kodak C1530 the Kodak C1550 records audio while you're in video recording mode.
  • Self-Timer -With a simple push of a button you can set your camera's timer to either 2 or 10 seconds.
  • Time/Date Stamp- automatically record the time and date on every picture of opt to go without the date stamp.
  • Lots of additional features like automatic scene detection, face detection and face-priority.

This great list of features make the Kodak C1550 an above average entry-level camera. Upgrades like the the 5x zoom versus the standard 3x zoom that is found on other Kodak C Series cameras give this camera the heads up.  The movie mode with audio record feature is also a nice improvement however one should keep in mind that audio cannot be heard through the camera, but only when play back is done on a computer or television. The host of other features provide control and creative flexiblity without a learning curve. This camera is great for preteens, older adults, and folks on the go, who don't want to hassel with battery chargers and battery packs.

Additional accessocries are required.

Don't forget the SD card.

An SSanDisk 4GB SDHC Memory CArdD card is not included with the purchase of the Kodak C1550. In order to store your pictures you must already have an SD memory card that you can use with this camera or you must purchase one. The amount of pictures you can store depends on the size of the SD card that use. The smallest SD card available for purchase is 2 gb. A 2 gb SD card will hold approximaly 350 photos. The largest size SD card currently available is 32 gb. A 32 gb SD card will hold over 5,000 pictures. 

Don't forget the extra batteries!

The Kodak C1550 operates on AA batteries. Recharagable batteries are probably the best way to go if you take a lot of pictures of plan to take a lot pictuKodak Rechargeable AA Batteriesres. The Kodak company sells their own brand of rechargable AA batteries and battery charger, but practically any brand is compatible with Kodak's seriers of cameras. Lithum AA batteries are another option. Lithum batteries are the best disposal battery choice for high-powered electronic gadgets because they last longer and perform better than regular alkaline batteries.