My old digital camera

A good five or six years ago I purchased my first digital camera. It was a cheap Medion brand, and cost about forty something pound. This was fairly cheap, back then. It was a small camera and well worth the price. Having taken all sorts of photographs with this camera the results have always been stunning.

Sadly this camera's final days came about due to a broken flap, which opened to access the batteries and memory card. The camera was still fine but looked a little unappealing, with an elastoplast stuck over one end. Eventually this camera gave up the ghost altogether and so a new camera was added to my Christmas List.

Kodak C613 Easy Share Digital Camera

I was not sure what I wanted, as I am not very technically minded but I knew that I wanted a camera which was compact, took great snaps and was not so expensive that I would not dare to take it on holiday with me.

When Hubby's staff discount day at Asda came around in early December 2008 we decided to have a look at their camera section. Of course, there were many all singing and all dancing cameras, most of which were more pricey than I wanted Hubby to pay. However, on the whole digital cameras have come down a lot in price. I spotted the Kodak Easy Share Digital Camera at a mere £35 and wondered what the catch was.

Talking to the assistant she assured us that it was just that Kodak had special offers from time to time. I also assumed that this camera was not the latest model ,and I guess I was right. However, on face value it looked like it might be just what I wanted. With Hubby's staff discount the price reduced further to a very cheap £28.

There was an offer to purchase an easy share printer at the same time but as we have two printers already at home, we declined. We were given a voucher for a special offer for free prints at Asda, and the bargain was sealed.

So now I have had plenty of time to experiment with this camera, I have to say that I am very pleased with the results.

Unlike my old digital camera, the Kodak easy share sort of resembles a traditional , black camera, from the front. It is about 4 or 5 inches long by about 3 inches wide and about an inch deep. As such it fit's nicely into the palm of my hand and would fit easily into my pocket or handbag.

One thing to note is that there was no carrying case provided. However, it will fit in my old canon camera case and I know you could buy a case easily and cheaply from many retailers. There is however a wrist carrying strap, which you can attach to the camera.

Unpacking the box there was:-

The Camera

Carrying Strap

Instruction Book

Two Batteries.

USB lead

Software CD

A plastic insert for use with the optional Easy Share printer.

The instruction book looks a little long, but includes many languages, and so there are only 24 pages for each language. The Kodak C613 is quick and easy to get up and running. The instructions are very easy and details are given of each function on the camera, in the instructions.

Pressing the on/off button on the top activates the camera and the zoom lens pops out, uncovering the lens at the same time. This is a good feature as it means that the lens is automatically protected when you turn the camera off.

The flip lid at the bottom allows you to put the batteries and memory card in place. This is similar to the flip lid on my other camera but hopefully will be a little tougher and last longer.

There is an internal memory but it does not hold that many images. I made sure that my new camera would hold my old memory cards, and it does. Usually this is the case but occasionally it may not be so.

When the camera is first turned on you are given the option to set the language, date and time and this is very easy. There is a menu button which gives you plenty of other options but I have only used the basics up to now.

There is a handy delete button. My old camera needed quite a lot of fiddling about, to delete photos, but it is nice and simple on this camera.

When you point to take a photo, brackets appear at either side of the image you are going to take. You press the button slightly and when these brackets turn green you fully depress the button. This is handy for taking shots of kids or pets, which tend to move about at just the wrong times.

The screen is a nice size at 2.4 inches, as my last camera only had a 11/2 inch screen. Size really does matter after all.

The software was installed on my PC pretty quick but in some ways I suppose I did not need it, as I have quite a few photo editing programmes on my computer already. You can of course register your product online, and so receive updates, when you install the software but as usual I decided to do that later. Whether or not I ever will, remains to be seen.

At the back near the screen there is a button for wide angle viewing or zoom. I have found this easy to operate and conveniently placed.

This camera only weighs 137g and so is very light.

Here are a few details of the specification:-

  • It has a supported Flash Memory Multi-Media Card
  • SD Memory Card Integrated Memory 16 MB
  • Sensor Resolution 6.2 Mega pixel
  • Shooting Modes Frame movie mode Lens Aperture F/2.7-4.8
  • Focus Adjustment Automatic Min Focus Range 60 cm
  • Optical Zoom 3 x Digital Zoom
  • 5 x Camera Flash Built-in flash Red Eye Reduction
  • Built-in Microphone
  • LCD display - TFT active matrix has a 2.4" screen, colour Supported
  • Battery 2 x AA are included
  • Special effects of black and white and sepia.
  • Max shutter speed is 1/1400 sec
  • Min shutter speed is 1/2 sec
  • Still photo format is JPEG and Video is MPEG

Of course there is much more to the specification but most of it generally means nothing to me. If it does to you I am sure that you could check out the fine details.

One thing I have found is that, if you record a video, you cannot hear the sound on playback until you link the camera to your computer. However, when I listened to the video on the computer it was still a little quiet, but I have no doubt that it just needs adjusting.

Taking off from the Island of MadeiraIn Seville, SpainLocal MuseumOne of my nosey dogsRecemt snow in my garden

My Kodak Images

Overall, I recommend this camera as a great bargain buy.

It is made by a great brand, looks fine and appears to do what I need from a camera. Of course, it will not suit the camera buffs amongst you ,who are more than happy snappers. However, if like me, you want a camera that takes great photos and is a bargain, why not check this one out.

It may even be cheaper in the post Christmas sales.