The Kodak EasyShare C183 camera is an entry-level camera in Kodak's C-Series line of digital cameras. Kodak EasyShare C-Series cameras are generally:Kodak EasyShare C183 Blue

  • entry-level
  • inexpensive
  • lightweight
  • great for first-timers

People who have never owned a digital camera or would prefer simplicity as opposed to lots of features this would probably enjoy this camera best. If you are considering buying this camera for a child or preteen, this is a good option. Older adults who might not be into a camera with a lot of bells and whistles will probably enjoy this camera as well.

The Kodak EasyShare C183 has a great set of features including:

  • 14 Megapixels (MP). The more megapixels you have the more flexibility you have to crop, edit and enlarge your photos. The average as of 2012 is about 12Kodak EasyShare C183 Red to 14 pixels for a brand new camera on the low-end. With 14 megapixels you can order poster sized prints and still maintain excellent resolution (sharpness and clarity).
  • 3x optical zoom This camera comes equipped with a standard zoom. Engaging the optical  zoom when sshooting will allow you to get closer to the action without compromising picture quality.
  • 3.0 LCD display The LCD screen is a standard 3.0 inches (measured diagonally) which will allow you to easily compose great shots and view them later.
  • Movie Mode Easily switch to movie mode to record videos in .avi format. The length of video you record depends on the size of SD card you purchase for camera.
  • 24 Scene Modes Newbies and novices will enjoy the scene selection mode which helps ensure that you always have the right settings for your shot. Choose from various scenes like, nighttime, beach, snow, outdoor and many more.Kodak EasyShare C183 Gray
  • Timer Getting in the shot is a breeze with the easily accessible timer button. Choose from different pre-programmed timer settings. 
  • One Button Upload When you get ready upload your pics to social media sites like Facebook or Flickr you won't have to pour through hundreds or thousands of pictures that are stored on your SD card. With One Button Upload sharing is easy and takes just a fraction of the time.

If yoSanDisk 4GB SDHC Memory CArdu are planning on purchasing this camera be sure to buy an SD card to store your pictures. This camera does not not come with an SD (unless you are purchasing a special promotional bundle) and the internal is insufficient to store an adequate amount of pictures. The Kodak EasyShare C183 can handle up to a 32 gb SD card which will store well over 6,000 images. If you opt for a 2 gb card you can store roughly 400 images.


Another thing you want to purchase is additional rechargeable batteries. The Kodak EasyShare C183 model camKodak Rechargeable AA Batteriesera operates on AA batteries. A battery charger and two rechargeable batteries comes with the camera, but you will probably want to buy extra rechargeable batteries for more flexibility and the ability to swap at batteries when the charge dies or becomes low to prevent missing a shot.



Bottom line:  The Kodak EasyShare C183 is decent entry-level camera with great features for the price.