Kodak EasyShare Z5010 Ultra Zoom Camera

Kodak Z5010

Kodak Easyshare Z5010 is a camera model in Kodak's Z series of digital cameras. The cameras in the Z-series are on the higher end of Kodak's line of cameras and combine performance and ultra zoom at a budget friendly price. If you are looking for a entry level camera under $100 look for cameras that fall under Kodak's C series check out the Kodak C1503. If you want to stick with the budget price tag but are looking for more featurs in a digital camera Kodak's M series will probably be best. Folks looking for a camera with lots of great in-camera features and ultra zoom will love the Kodak Z5010.

Kodak EasyShare

Features of the Kodak Easyshare Z5010

  • 14 megapixel resolution. With this many megapixels youre sure to get sharp, crisp pictures everytime. An typically shot with no zoom applied can be blown up to 16x 11 size with no distortion in quality.
  • 21x optical zoom. Take great shots from far away with this ultra zoom camera. 21x gets you closer to the action so you get awesome shots from afar.
  • 3.0" LCD display. The LCD screen serves as your view finder, the display for menu options and of course you can instantly view thumbnails of your photos right after you snap a picture. The screen is big enough to easily focus your shots, navigate though the menu's options and to assess your pictures.
  • Schneider-Kreuznach Varigon Wide-Angle Zoom Lens - The lens on the Z5010 is one of the best in the point and shoot ultra zoom arena.
  • HD videos in AVI Format - the Kodak Easyshare Z5010 's record feature doesn't skimp on quality. Record HD quality videos in .avi format, one of the most widely recognized and acceptedvideo formats on the market.
  • 18 scene modes - Multiple scene modes insure that there is an automatic setting for every occassion so you always have the optimal settings for every situtation. Scene modes included, snow, text, fireworks, nighttime and many more.
  • Kodak Share Button - This in camera feature lets you tag which photos you want to share on your favorite social media sights  in your photo album. When you plug your camera into your computer's USB port it automatically uploads those tagged photos to the sites that you've tagged.
  • Automatic and Manual  options - You can shoose to use pre-programmed automated settings or take full of everything from white balance, focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and more.
  • On-camera editing - you can edit both picture and video right on your camera.


The Kodak Z5010 is a great camera at an affordable price. For just under $200 you can get your hand on this camera at most major retailers and many online outlets. This camera is a great buy for soccor moms or sports fans who might find themselves needing a big zoom camera to capture shots. The video mode allows users to create still shots from individual frames in the video. This too might also appeal to soccor moms and sports enthusiasts. 

People who enjoy photographing nature will not only enjoy the ultra zoom on this camera but also the Panaroma feature that allows users to stitch together multiple shots into one panoramic photo. The best part about the panoramic feature is that it can be done completely on the camera without the assistance of computers or additional software.

Overall the Kodak Z5010 has features that will appeal to a variety of hobby and amature picture takers.