Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand, with a population of 12,000 and sunny weather to match, the Island is famous for its Full Moon Party, held once a month every full moon, on the night of the full moon, not many people know that. The seaside town of Had Rin is a bustling seasid town, paved with roads and a vibrant shops and tattoo houses mingled with massage booths. Walking around the village one will find a packs of dogs, that may appear homeless but are in fact just living on the streets.

The reality is, the town is a huge attraction and home stays cram themselves into every last part of the village, the bright lights shine long into the night and the boom of trance and horns can be heard from miles away on the night of the Full Moon Party. The cardinal atmosphere of marching men and woman, a joyful show of color and energy, the night explodes with a glow of fireworks and beach fire shows. The dancing begins early in the evening and continues long after the sun has risen the next day, some people seem to have the power the dance for twenty four hours, although they may feel tired after wards, so drink plenty of water.

All the usual characters are present from Father Christmas to European nobility, Miss Universe and some minor celebrities also attend the celebrations from time to times as rumor has it. The main DJ booths are packed full of jostling disc spanners funking out a fresh music flavors to the hungry attendees. Entry fees are around 100 thai baht and there's plenty to go around. Watch out for the man in the tall blue hat he can get you a ticket for one hundred baht. The next stage on after the ticket purchase is the round face funk stage where they round face you and stamp you up for a night of fast moving disco action.

The Full moon party is now a commercial activity and as such the village is always full every full moon, therefore other options for finding accommodation are up on the west coast of Koh Phangan. The village of Chaloklum has some good huts and bungalow resorts and alovely bay to swim in. The next bay around Haad Thong Lang has somemore upmarket houses and villas for rent , and the bay of Haad salad and Haad Yoa also offer a wide range of accommodation to choose from.