Easy Installation of a Kohler Drop-In Bathtub

Kohler Devonshire Drop-In Bathtub

Recently my fiancé and I took on the task of remodeling our guest room bathroom. It originally had a shower in it, but we figured it would be better to add a drop-in bathtub. I had her do the research on some drop-in bathtubs while I prepared the bathroom by gutting it out. This is my Kohler Devonshire drop-in bathtub review and process of installing it.

We had to have some plumbers come and core a new hole for us and connect the piping to our original line, as our HOA would not allow us to do this by ourselves. Once they were done we were ready to go.

She had come across the Kohler Devonshire drop-in bathtub on Amazon and it fit the dimensions we needed. We tried ordering it through Home Depot, but it would take up to 6 weeks for delivery and we couldn’t wait, so we decided to purchase the Kohler Devonshire drop-in bathtub fromKohler Devonshire Drop-In Bathtub in Mortar Amazon. I am not going to lie, we were a little nervous with this order since we thought it could break easily during shipping.

The Kohler drop-in tub arrived within 10 days and was in perfect condition. It was wrapped properly inside the box and very secure inside of a bunch of Styrofoam.  We took the drop-in bathtub out of the wrapping and started to go to work.

I was surprised at how easy the Kohler Devonshire drop-in bathtub installed. As you can see from the picture we measured it up to the height that was correct for us to get in and out of since we would have to build the front wall after install. Then we laid down some mortar to on both ends to secure the tub into place. This way it wouldn’t move as we get in and out.Kohler Devonshire Drop-In Bathtub with Durock Cement Board

Next we installed the drain, which was purchase in store at Home Depot. Once that was done we put up the rest of the framing around the front of the drop-in tub. Then we covered all the open areas with Durock cement board to help with the moisture from the shower and to allow us to tile easier.

We could see that ordering the Kohler Devonshire drop-in bathtub from Amazon was one of the best decisions we have made. Since it was fully installed and done very easily might I add, it was time to tile. Tiling around the tub was very easy too, just a little time consuming with dry time.

Once we had finished we stepped back and could really see that the Kohler drop-in tub was a perfect fit. I am the taller of the two of us at 5’6” and weigh 150. I can easily lie in the tub and use the Kohler Devonshire Drop-In Bathtub Finishedarm rests inside of it. The water can comfortably come up high on my chest. It is a true soaking tub. We went with the white finish, which looks spectacular. The tub is also deep enough that when our family visits with their kids they can easily use it for their little ones.

My Kohler Devonshire drop-in bathtub review is a perfect 5 out of 5. It was delivered by Amazon quicker than getting it through Home Depot. The drop-in tub was delivered flawlessly in very secure packaging. It was extremely easy to install and took about 3-days with dry time for the mortar. The tub is deep enough to fit my height and weight very comfortably. Once again I can’t express how much we love this tub. Hopefully this little insight has helped you when looking at drop-in bathtubs.