How to Shop at Your Favorite Stores and Save $

Secrets Revealed!

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Save Thousands!

I am one of the few people I know who hates to shop! Shopping only out of necessity. If I had to shop, I would find something I liked and buy one of every color so that I wouldn't have to shop again for a while.  I would find a pair of jeans that fit just right and then I would buy five to ten pairs of that same jean! This has been my way of life in my adulthood. As a child, my parents didn't have much money so they shopped for themselves and my brothers and sister at garage sales and thrift shops.  When I was young, I used to feel bad about always wearing second hand clothing.  As I grew up however, I realized just how smart my parents were. In the process of their thriftiness, they were teaching us about how to be frugal. Now that my parents are gone, I am still a garage sale shopper and thrift store shopper. It is amazing at what people will get rid of at their sales. I have often scored brand new (price tag still on) clothing for pennies on the dollar. I once bought a Lladro figurine for only $2.00! Apparently, these people didn't know what they had! I have enjoyed the thrill of the great find and I have been passing that tradition down to my son.


I realized that the reason I disliked shopping was because of the outrageous prices the stores were charging for their clothing. I mean, who really want to pay $50 for a shirt? If I wanted to spend my entire monthly income on a pair of shoes I'd have to be crazy! Once I discovered the secret of buying new at garage sale prices, I can now say that I actually enjoy shopping. Store such as Kohl's,& Macys, are now my favorite places to find bargains.

How to Do It-Sign Up!

The first thing to do before shopping on the cheap is to sign up for the store credit cards and their E-mail list. by doing this you will receive E-mail offers and special coupons in the mail. Both cards will offer you an additional discount on your first shopping trip using their cards. Be sure to take advantage of this extra savings.

Kohl's Early Bird's and Night Owl's

Kohl's has many promotional sales and offers. If you are signed up for their mailings and have their credit card, you will be able to maximize your savings. They have several ways to reduce your  dollars paid. On occasion, they will have Early Bird specials and/or Night Owl specials. If you can make it there early in the day or late in the day, you can save extra money.

 Super Percent Off Peelie's

Kohl's also mails you exclusive shopping passes to save even more. Frequently, they will mail out their super percent off coupons. These are my favorites! They will send you a coupon with a peelie. When you take the peelie off, it will reveal your percent off. Percents range from 15%-30% off. I personally only shop when I receive a 30% off coupon. This makes your discount potential huge!

Gold Star Clearance

Another  price tactic I use, is to only shop the 80%-90% off Gold Star Clearance racks. On occasion, I will purchase from a 70% off rack. The Gold Star clearances are clearly marked throughout the store with  a large sign marking Gold Star areas.

Kohl's Cash

The final way I save at Kohl's, is during their coupon peelie days when they also offer Kohl's Cash. Usually during the first five days of the sale for every $50 you spend you receive back $10 in Kohl's Cash to be used at a later date. When I am making my purchases, I keep tally of how much I am spending so that I can get back as much as possible. For instance, on a recent trip I spent $50.03. buy just reaching the $50 mark I maximize my money back. If I were to purchase more, I would have taken it to the next level with $100, earning $20 in Kohl's Cash.

I have saved thousands of dollars shopping this way, and found clothes and household goods for the whole family. Many of the clothing I purchased  I paid under $3.00 per item for.  I even had one top that was only $1.89! To receive the best price, you do need to use your Kohl's charge card. A word of caution: the Kohl's Cash has to be used within a limited time frame, usually two weeks. So be sure to lose it before it expires.

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I always used to think there was no way I would ever shop at Macys! in the past, I was always in sticker shock when I would go into that store. Now that I know their secret, I am now a Macy's shopper.  The Macy's sales are much like Kohl's. To get the best deals, you need to sign up for their store credit card and submit your E-mail and address for extra coupons and savings. On the day you open your store credit card, your purchases you will receive an additional discount. Be sure to take advantage of those extra savings. Also when you use their card, more coupons will be triggered.


There are coupons in most of the daily newspapers and are also available online. They are easy to find and can come in a variety of amounts and discounts. Be sure to check several before deciding which ones to use.

One Day Sales & Clearances

The store offers many One Day Sale events  which are usually on, before  or right after a holiday. There can be huge discounts on already discounted merchandise. If you shop from only the clearance racks you will be saving the most money. Clearance items can be marked at up to 80% off.

Macy's Star Rewards Program

With your Macy's credit card you will automatically be entered into their Star Program. This program sends out extra $10-$25 discounts certificates that can be used for further discounts.

Final Tip

Oftentimes, you will be able to use more than one coupon on your purchase. I always believe it doesn't hurt to ask the cashier if you can stack coupons. Most of the cashiers will be more than happy to try to get you the best deal available. The tactics I have mentioned here are my in-store shopping methods. You are able to transfer most of these ideas to online purchases and can often find additional discounts through coupon codes.