All pets will have some type of medical issue throughout their life span. Koi fish are no different. Some of these fish have a life span of over 30 years. If your fish has medical problems you may have to transport it to a veterinarian. Few, if any, vets make house calls.

 Then you may have some type of issue with your pond that requires you to move your Koi to a different location. Your pond will be attacked by natural events or you may be have to move them due to new construction. No matter how much you have planned, you may have to move your fish at some time or another.

 No matter whether it is an emergency or not, you may have to move your fish and knowing how to properly bag and transport them could mean the difference between life and death.

 The equipment you will need

 You may it a great idea to have all the equipment you will need on hand at all times. If you are really having an emergency with your Koi you can hardly spend the time to go and get the equipment you will need. You will also find that this equipment will be easily stored when not in use.

The first is the bags. You must have bags to transport your Koi. Regular trash bags or plastic bags may damage your Koi because they are not designed for this type of use. One thing you can do is keep the original bags you brought your Koi home in, if not you will have to go to the pet store and get some. Make sure they are the right size for your fish.

 You will have to have rubber bands. You will have to have several rubber bands for each bag you buy. Make sure they are of good quality. You don't want them to break or pop off the bag when you are transporting your Koi.

 A net is a must. You will need a net big enough to compete with the movements of your Koi. You will not need the net to pull the Koi out of the water, but you will need the net to guide them to where you want them. Unfortunately a net can damage your Koi, especially the larger they get.

 A paint bucket is an option. Using a paint bucket may be a better option for catching your Koi. A paint bucket cannot damage your fish as a net can. Just make sure your paint bucket is large enough to hold the particular Koi you want to catch.

 Bagging your Koi

 Actually the process of catching and bagging your Koi is a pretty simple process providing you have the equipment on hand. If you have a large Koi pond consider having a family member or friend help you catch and bag your Koi.

 Use the net to guide the Koi into a paint bucket. Once you have your fish in the paint bucket you can begin the process of getting rid of any excess water and bagging your Koi.

 Make sure the bag does not have any leaks. Check to make sure. Once you have the bag secure, place the bag over the Koi from head to tail. Keep enough water in the bag to cover the gills. Try to keep enough air room so the bag is not too heavy to carry. Then you slip rubber bands around the end of the bag and continue to double over the end until the end of the bag is secure.

 Get your transportation container and place the bag horizontally in that container. Make sure you do not bend the fish when you are lifting it. Try to make sure that the bag will not move around with the bumps and turns. Cover the container so your Koi does not get heated and have direct sunlight.