Koi Pond FilterOne the first priority in having a successful Koi pond is making sure it staysclean. If you neglect to keep your Koi pond clean your fish could potentially suffer, get sick and die. A clean pond will ensure that you keep healthy, stress-free, vibrant, happy Koi. Remember your Koi live eat, sleep, and feed, in their pond; it's their home. It is also where they use the bathroom too, If you don't keep your pond clean, your Koi will be living in one big Koi toilet.

Your Koi pond should almost be completely clear. Make sure there is no floating or suspended debris. When you look at your Koi should appear as if they are floating in air. If you are cannot clearly see to the bottom of your pond, then chances are your pond is in need of cleaning. You should take great pride in your pond, especially when you have added a beautiful landscape around it, picked out flowers that will bloom in vibrant, magnificent. Remember however that a beautiful landscape will not sustain the Koi within the water. While ponds are purposefully designed to imitate nature, your Koi pond is really a very large outdoor fish tank, it needs to be cleaned and maintained very much the same way.

Unlike natural water systems, Koi ponds and water gardens need a good amount of maintenance and care. Quality Filtration systems are needed to maintain water quality, and a pump system is needed to keep the water moving.

Your Koi pond Filter is one of the most important items in keeping you pond nice and clean Keep I mind that a Koi in its natural environment would never eat nearly the amount of food that they do in controlled ponds. It is not unusual for pond owners to feed many pounds of Koi food to their Koi each week. More food produces more waste, whether it's Koi poop, or uneaten food that has settled to the bottom and then spoiled. You have to ensure you vacuum the bottom out as often as possible, and make your drainage systems Koi pond filters are clear and in proper working order.

You can blame the Koi, nature, or yourself for your pond not being clean, it does not matter, it is vital that you clean it up. The health of your Koi is at stake if you do not.

Remove Uneccessary Debris. Even if your water quality is good, a large amount of debris can cause your Koi stress. Stressed fish are more susceptible to disease and viruses.

Keep Your Water Moving. moving the water in your pond moving is a great way to help keep up your water quality. This oxygenates your water, and potentially keeps floating debris from collecting. Waterfalls, and fountains are not only help with this they are also visually attractive. Pump filtration systems and Koi pond filters are specially designed to move water.

Fewer Fish. You can also try keeping your amount of fish down. Start by buying fewer fish since spawning will cause you to have guppies in the near future. The less fish, the less waste is involved.