Koi fish tattoos

The world of tattoos has the rich combination of cultures, philosophies with varied fusion of colors and designs. Koi fish is one of those tattoos that speak for specific traditional myths. It is originated from Japanese and Chinese art. The Japanese word ‘koi’ means ‘brocaded carp’ that has been kept in ponds for years.In modern days koi tattoos are popular among girls and women who want to demonstrate hardship, struggle, mental strength and perseverance. In order to mix up the traditional beauty with feminine elegance women love to get inked with koi fish tattoos.


Japanese legendary describes koi fish as a strong one swimming upstream to reach a waterfall and finally fall at the Dragon gate of Yellow River at heaven to get transformed into a wonderful dragon. As it swims upstream crossing all the obstacles to reach the ultimate point for its flight after miles people start to take it as an iconic figure of ambition, individuality, power of mind. It brings not only luck but also an indomitable spirit to fight against misfortune. Women want to tattoo koi fish to unfold the miseries and sufferings of their personal life by depicting the hurdles the koi fish overcomes and to exhibit the success through the final transformation of the koi fish. Women with strong determination and steady resolution opt for koi fish tattoos in order to indicate the trials and tribulations faced by them. Those even who did not face challenges go for tattooing koi fish designs for a smarter look.

Colors and sizes  for picking up a koi fish tattoo

There are various types of colors and sizes available for picking up a koi fish tattoo. Generally women prefer deep colors and bright ones that are used to make it look more fascinating and appreciable. Golden-orange is the commonest color of all and used to bring intricacy and details to its pattern. Color arrangement varies according to one’s preference and personality. Often skin tones determine the suitable color of the tattoo for the person to be inked. Ying Yang tattoos come up with black and white combination and goes good for lighter skin and adds sophistication to it with much classy look.Darker skins demand for bright color scheme to manifest diligence. Traditional look involves the blend of yellow, red, white and black colors.Women who have pinkish skin tone can choose red or yellow tattoos. In koi fish tattoos a background of blue colored water can be seen in which the fish is found to be playing with lotus or maple leaves.Sometimes a zodiac tattoo is made along with the koi fish and specially Pisces tattoos are incorporated with a more personalized way. Tribal tattoos are added for the sake of mystical flavor and one can take the help of a tattoo artist to merge the design of a dragon to show the transformation.

What does Koi fish Symbolizes

Koi fish symbolizes an energetic nature. It stands for motion and continuous flow. In Japan Koi fish is regarded to be very popular but in other countries it is taken as an irritable creature as it never stays steady and moves consistently showing tremendous energy. It swims against the water-flow and hence signifying the struggle to face hurdles life imposes on us. Japanese people believe that koi fish stands for ability to stand straight before the hardships and troubles.So woman with a dominating attitude and a tough personality who has the guts to take her own decision make her own choice, to fight all the adverse situation with strong firmness can prefer koi fish tattoos.

In case of koi fish tattoos the placement is as vital as the design. The right part of the body makes it meaningful and appealing.It is usually popular in western culture. Western women wear it on neck, lower-arm, wrist or in backside.In professional sectors or academic fields girls are not allowed to get tattooed or working women may not be appreciated having a tattoo. So in such issues they should avoid it by making it on a safer zone like wrist or ankle and cover them at those occasions.


Apart from the western mythology Indian religion has a similar reference. In Buddhism that explains human beings swimming like the koi fish in the ocean of life and thus represents courage.On Children’s day people hoist koi flags in which black is the father,orange is the mother, blue/white is the boy and red/pink is the girl. ‘Koi’ means love. It is described as a passionate love and ‘ai’is known as the selfless real love that explains giving whereas ‘koi’is a selfish love.


Girls and women feel like getting inked koi fish tattoos for conveying the message of friendship and good luck. Based on the multiple interpretations and a person’s traits one should go to the tattoo artist for the life-time stunning look.  

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