The Native American culture has been admired for a very long time. Not only have they been a part of the development of American Culture, they have also been an iconic part of society. They don different spiritual items to signify the religiosity and respect to their beliefs, as well as to give respect to the gods that they worship. For this very reason one should not use the Kokopelli Tattoo Design without first knowing the history and importance of it to the natives, so as to avoid insulting them.

Kokopelli is a humpbacked fertility deity presiding over childbirth and agriculture. He is also considered a trickster god and embodies the spirit of music. In Hopi belief, Kokopelli is the distributor of unborn children which he carries on his back.

He takes part in rituals that concerns marriage. In the agricultural domain, Kokopelli is the bringer of spring and also manages reproducing the game animals. He is often depicted with different animals such as rams and deer. As an agricultural and fertility symbol he is characterized with water, which is considered a life-giving element. Thus, water-loving animals are sometimes depicted along with him. Using the Kokopelli tattoo design sure is an enlivening feeling for it gives a feeling of ethnicity which is strangely attractive, differing from the common rough designs.

You can use the symbol, assuming that you respect the beliefs concerned with it. You may use it with creative fire outlines, for his form is also a depiction of dance rituals done around bonfires. Incorporating water elements such as waves, blue colors and water animals is also acceptable. Use your creativity in making the Kokopelli Tattoo design a unique part of your collection.

But before you change the colors used in making it or use a new idea uncommon to it, you should first consider consulting an expert to make sure your design is adequate for the standards. Tattoos are representations of one's personality, ideals and things he looks up to. So it is important to know the meaning of your chosen designs first before using them.

As explained above, if you want to use different spiritual symbols always give respect to the people's beliefs by knowing the background and the different creative but proper ways of depicting them; and not only please yourself but others as well!