Konad Nail Art


deilicate and very detailed transfers

easy to use

lots of designs to choose from


great gift idea


this is not really a con, but to protect your set, you have to make sure and clean it when you are done, so that you can continue to enjoy it.

Full Review

We all like the idea of beautiful nails, and we see them all the time in ads and on TV, those perfect nails, with gorgeous airbrushed designs. But who has the time or money to get that done? Konad nail art, is fast becoming an alternative to going to the nail salon.

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to cool nail art at the nail salon, but maybe you want to change the look of your nails every few days or so.. That can get expensive to have done.

Konad nail art, is a great alternative. You can get a complete kit, and/or refills as you need them. You can purchase all of konad nail art supplies on line and they make great gifts.

The kits are cost effective and simple to use, and you can stamp the most beautiful and delicate looking designs right onto your nails, that you just would not get from airbrushing or stencils or free hand nail art.

It is a simple step process, and the beauty of these Konad stamped nail art designs, are, that you can also use them on your cell phone or other items!.

Here is a quick rundown of the steps involved with the Konad Nail Art.

1. Make sure your hands are clean and free of grease or hand cream, and paint your nails the base color you would like for your nail art background.

2. Now look at your Konad Nail Art Design Plate, and pick out the design you would like to use.

3. Apply the special Konad polish to the design you have picked on the design plate.

4. With the scraper that comes in the kit, you press down firmly and scrape off any excess from the design. (don't worry they make this part very easy)

5. Now take the Konad stamp (included in a full kit) and press onto the design plate, and the stamp will pick up the delicate design.

6. Now take this stamp and press it on the your nails in the desired spot. You will have an ahaa moment as it looks really detailed, and there are no smudges, it is perfect!.

7. Topcoat your nail to protect the image.

That is the steps to creating beautiful nails. You can use these Konad Nail Art kits on your own nails, fake nails or nail tips.. The rest is up to your imagination. The Konad Nail Art designs are beautiful and there are lots to choose from. You can take them off easily and start again. But they are tough when you want them to stay on.

The part that is great about these Konad nail art designs, is that they are so delicate, there is not that raised effect you might think there would be. They are only the thickness of a coat of polish. So, with top coat you can cover them easily, and they are stunning.

These Konad Nail Art Kits would make great Christmas gifts. Any girls who love to get their nails done or decorate their nails with great nail art, would love to have a Konad Nail art kit..

You simply could not get that kind of detail from airbrushing and stencils, they are amazing and affordable.

In Closing

If you are looking for a great gift idea, for anyone, who loves to decorate their nails, then you should consider these Konad Nail Art Kits, they can have such fun with these.

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