If you are looking to keep your indoor cat busy with all natural toys, then check out the Kong cat naturals straw ball teaser.

This quality toy has been created using all natural ingredients and no harmful dyes, so there is nothing that will hurt your kitty as they stalk and attack this toy.

Kong Cat Naturals Straw Ball TeaserCredit: Amazon.com

KONG Naturals Straw Ball with Feathers Cat Toy, Colors Vary

The ball part of the toy is created from straw in its natural form and woven in such a way that it will not unravel or come apart, and inside is North American grown catnip that keeps your kitty interested. 

The straw makes it easy for your cat to grab with his nails and it doesn’t roll in a straight line making it unpredictable which is good for the indoor cat with the natural instinct to hunt.  The natural feathers just add to the interest in this toy.

If you have bought lots of colorful toys for them before, only to see them give them a roll and the odd jump on them, then abandon them, then you will like this Kong cat naturals line of toys.  The catnip is right in the straw, so you won’t find it all over your carpet when you get home, and with the natural colors and the feathers, it is just like a bird.

Cats will keep playing with this type of toy for hours.  They have a natural instinct to hunt, and by having indoor kitties, they will find something else to hunt in your home and it might not be something you will approve of, such as your couch, curtains or the underneath part of the couch (my cat’s all-time favorite, the lining under the couch).

If you have an active indoor kitty, you need to give them activities to do, and the toys need to resemble nature or outdoors.  My own cat has never been interested in squeaky toys or simple balls with bells on them.  The closer to nature the toy is, the more she enjoys it and will play with it for a long time.  This is a good thing for my kitty as she is a bit on the fat side.

Whether we like it or not, cats will hunt birds and mice if given the chance, and we still need to give them something to do while in the house especially if you are gone all day.  Even older kitties will respond to this type of cat toy.

If you have an overweight cat, then getting them to stalk and chase and attack a natural looking cat toy with the added appeal of catnip will get them moving and hopefully lose some weight.  Boredom will set in for many indoor cats, and they will resort to simply eating all day or playing with your furniture.

You can get all kinds of cat toys everywhere from grocery stores to pet supply stores, but many of them are brightly colored and fun looking but remember you are buying a toy for your cats, not your kids, so looking at more natural looking toys that have no harmful dyes in them and all natural catnip is a good place to start.

You can get the Kong cat naturals straw ball teaser with feathers at most pet supply stores, but you can also get their line of natural toys online at sites such as Amazon.  Give your cat something to hunt and stalk and give your furniture a break.  

If you want your kitty to move more and get some exercise then check out the automatic food ball too, this is an interactive way for them to forage for food and get some exercise.

KONG Naturals Straw Ball with Feathers Cat Toy, Colors Vary
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(price as of May 10, 2015)
your kitty will love this and play with it longer. It is a great way to get them moving and to distract them from your furniture.