Kooday is the newest craze that hit the cyber world these days. Many people are getting hooked on this website and make habitual visit on it at least once a day. Even though it's barely four months since its launching last July 22, 2010, those who are internet savvy can say outright that Kooday has literally grabbed the attention of many people worldwide by virtue of its technical features and benefits you get from it. But what is Kooday in the first place? What's this entire buzz around Kooday?

What is Kooday?

Proponents of this Kooday have only one thing in mind when they came up with this, which is to directly compete with Yahoo, Google and Bing. For sure you are familiar with these three popular search engines. Yes, Kooday is simply a search engine but with a twist. How is this so? Foremost, you should know how this search engines work.

Search engine is one of the highlights of the never ending breakthroughs in information technology. Through this, everyone has access on all information in a split of a second with just a click of the computer mouse. By simply typing a keyword on the space provided and clicking the search button, you will be bombarded with a lot of websites that are related with what you are looking for. And while you enjoy reading or viewing the website you open, you are definitely helping the people behind this search engines to be rich with every click you make without you knowing it. That's the beauty of search engines.

Now with the emergence of Kooday, the competition in internet marketing is getting tougher. It has an innovative feature that will definitely attract internet users like you to patronize it. This feature will give you lots of money in the long run if you know how to play the game. Kooday is not PPC advertising just like Trekpay, Neobux, Clixsense to name a few that lure many people nowadays and promise to pay something in return if you keep on visiting them and click the advertisements presented in their websites.

In Kooday, you have the opportunity to purchase keywords and link your site to that particular keyword. To add more spice, the keywords you bought can be sold to other users too yet your link remains attached to that keyword. This feature is so cool, isn't it? At 10 cents, you can already acquire a keyword and if someone buys it from you, you'll get a 15% premium. No wonder many people are into this phenomenal search engine called Kooday. To date, thousands of internet users have already joined. How about you? You too can join for free.

Why you should try Kooday?

Come to think of it, you only need a small capital to start venturing into this one-of-a-kind internet based marketing. A measly 10 cents per keyword will do for you to own a keyword and you can trade it to someone else with a 15% mark-up. With this, you should select the best keywords that you think will capture everybody's attention. There are lots of keywords available for you to choose. You may buy foreign language keywords too. The moment you acquire a keyword, you are given a Profit Share Credit or Gold Credit for that matter.

Bonus is also given to you if your keyword belongs to the most popular keywords. Furthermore, you will also receive a portion of the advertising revenue if your keyword has a bought link on it. The scenario is like this. If your keyword is so popular, other than the bonus you receive, many internet users will affix their sites to your keyword. With that, 50% of the purchase price will be credited to you for every site addition you have. You only need a minimum $ 5 investment to get started and at $ 5 too you can demand a payout already.

Another good reason why Kooday is worthy of your time, money and effort is that when you advertise with other companies, you will get your reward as soon as you see the impact of your undertakings. With that, many advertisers will dare to try it out with Kooday. Above all things, what sets apart Kooday with other search engines is that active members will receive a residual income as their way of showing how they value them.

Is Kooday a Scam?

With the invasion of numerous internet based money making schemes, many are wondering if this Kooday is one of those scams. Well, hesitations about it cannot be blamed. Victims of scams cry out loud that virtual transactions should not be taken seriously for there are many opportunists out there wanting to gain more money at the expense of innocent individuals. Needless to say, you are responsible enough for every action you take. So it's up to you how to handle every transaction you have and whom you should trust.

With regard to Kooday, it has exceeded the expectations. It has multiple income streams as compared to the Pyramids that are very widespread today. Besides, Kooday is a brainchild of the people behind Trekpay, a recognized PTC site and they have a reputation to maintain so you can be sure that they will not mess around. After all, it isn't easy making a name in the world of business, much more of maintaining it.

Many testimonies from people who are successful on their Kooday endeavours affirmed that this is no joke. Kooday is one of the best; if not the best internet marketing wherein you will get positive results depending on how adept you are when it comes to this field. The bottom line here is your ability to cope up with the fast-paced virtual transactions and your technical know-how to keep abreast with the demanding online marketing schemes.

With Kooday, there's no way you can go wrong. If you are looking for something profitable yet less stressful means of making money, this is definitely one way you should consider. Register on kooday.com (skip the ad) and see for yourself what Kooday can do for you.