Reading Kool-Aid pickles as the title of a recipe may leave you wondering if you just read that right or are your eyes playing tricks on you. Rest assured your reading ability is fine and so are your eyes. Yes, I know Kool-Aid pickles does sound strange doesn’t it. Before you judge by name alone, give these sweet and sour treats a try. Also known as Koolickles, these are a favorite of many people from the Southern part of the United States, more accurately the Mississippi Delta area. Typically, Kool-Aid pickles or Koolickles are sold at county fairs, fundraisers and small country stores, but why wait for those special times or take a trip to the Mississippi Delta to have your fill of a Koolickle.

What are Koolickles

Koolickles are particularly favored by children, of all ages. The combination of Kool-Aid and pickles and the proper preparation creates this unmatched treat. Imagine using these to get your kids to eat their vegetables. Kids of all ages loves the lip staining, sweet goodness of Kool-Aid as well as the tart, crunch of a pickle. Mashing these two seemingly unrelated items together to form one amazing pickle has not been credited to any one person. It just seems to have popped up somewhere made by someone. Although, originally thought to be strictly attached to the Mississippi Delta area, Kool-Aid pickles or Koolickles have been seen migrating to the Eastern, Western and Northern areas of the United States. I think Koolickles are on a mission to take over the kids of the world.

Koolickles Recipe

Buy a large 1 gallon jar of whole sour kosher dill pickles. You know the type that make your mouth pucker from the vinegar. If you have a favorite brand use it, any brand will do, but it has to be mouth puckeringly good.

Reach into the jar and spear each pickle and set them on a large plate. If you’ve washed your hands, go for fish for pickles with your hands.

Now for the fun part add ONE powdered packet of the following unsweetened Kool-Aid flavors:

Cherry or Tropical Punch – for a bright red Koolickle

Grape, Black Cherry – for a bright purple Kool-Aid pickle

Strawberry Lemonade, Orange – for an orange hued Koolickle

Lemonade – for a bright lemon yellow Kool-Aid Pickle

Pour in 1 pound of sugar – no, that’s not a typo, it is 1 pound of sugar.

Stir the powdered ingredients and pickle juice until the powder is completely dissolved.

Place your pickles on a cutting board and slice them in half lengthwise.

As you slice the pickles put them back into Kool-Aid dyed pickle juice. If you eat a few kosher dills along the way, the remaining halved pickles will fit back into the jar. If you restrained yourself from some tempting pickle tasting, you may have to drain some of the juice to make room.

Place the lid onto the pickle jar and put them in the refrigerator.

Wait one week – no sampling or peeking for your Koolickles to be ready to eat.

Koolickles Serving Tips

Spear the Koolickle with a clean wood stick to keep little or big fingers and hands from becoming Kool-Aid stained.

If you don't mind Kool-Aid Stains, stick your whole hand in the jar and grab this irresistible treat.

Serve Koolickles by themselves as a snack or as a side next to sandwiches, burgers or hot dogs.

Chop the Koolicle into tiny pieces to make a fun and funky relish. Think outside the relish box and make several different flavors of Koolickles and combine them to create an artful palette of colorful relish.