Bottle Koozies Uses

The uses for bottle koozies are almost endless. When you get one of these bottle or can sleeves made of foam it will be an essential element in keeping that bottle or can cold. Since they are basically insulators they will keep the liquid contents cool even on the hottest day. Another pro of these koozies or coozies is that you won’t have to sweat drinks sweat rings on your best tables. The foam wrapped around the can or bottle absorbs the sweat that comes off when cold meats hot on a warm day. 

Koozies For Identification

Even better koozies will help you keep track of your own drink. No more mix ups or someone asking ‘Is this yours or mine?’ The reason is that koozies come in a wide variety of colors and designs even with silly sayings on them. So this wonder foam koozie will not only keep your drink cold like it just came from the cooler but you can find your drink instantly because of the different colors and designs that made them unique. SO take a look at the wide variety available and make a choice to fit your life style.

Different Types Of Bottle Koozies

These are not your ordinary brown bag coverings for your bottle or can cold drinks. They are available in a wide variety of color choices. But they also come in different designs which you can choose from. Koozies may be a solid foam cover that slips onto the bottle or can and fits perfectly but it may also have a zip closure that you can zip up to keep it in place. Koozies come with sports logos for every sports team so pick your favorite so you have it in hand when you are watching them play. Or pick one that makes fun of the team you least like. Perhaps you want it personalized or with laugh lines printed on them.

Storage Of Koozies

These items are easy to store. A coozie or koozie can be folded and tucked in the drawer. These are wonderful gift ideas because they are inexpensive so you can give them to all your friends. Choose them for that upcoming birthday present or for father’s day. Both men and women appreciate them too.