If you want an awesome work out that's never boring, Krav Maga is for you!

Burning calories and having fun at it

The New Year is here and of course that means Resolutions! If one of yours is to get into great shape, increase your endurance, and learn the most effective self-defense system in the world, then Krav Maga is for you! You will burn serious calories while having fun and transforming yourself.

What is Krav Maga? It is the hybridized combat fighting system of the Israeli Defence Forces. It means "close combat" or "contact combat" in Hebrew.

Krav Maga includes basic punches and kicks and defenses against those but also addresses threats from blunt and edged weapons, common chokes, grabs, holds, and other real world scenarios like carjacking, gun threats, hostage situations, and third-party protection.

Can I do this? Yes! I've spoken with many people who automatically say " I need to be in better shape before I do that." But that's procrastination! I have also seen and trained big, heavier folks who at first glance I thought might not make it through an intro class, but they pressed on and powered through! The most important element you can bring to a class or any gym is your attitude! Attitude is the key to success for any program and it's no different in Krav Maga. And you're not alone, you'll have a whole class to cheer you on and the instructor to push or pull you through.

What can I expect? Well a lot of that depends on the instructor, however all Krav Maga beginner classes start with a warm up of ten to fifteen minutes and then move on to stance, movement, striking, self-defense and then drills, drills, drills. The drills are what set Krav Maga apart from a lot of the other martial arts I've studied and practiced. Drills are set up as close to a "street" situation as possible, so that you can practice your techniques in a safe environment. Let's use a gun defense for example. A replica gun is used of course, but the approach and energy level of your opponent is 'jacked up" to replicate the stress of an actual encounter. Sidenote: gun defenses are not beginner material, just an example of a drill.

What about burning calories? Ask anyone who has taken a class and they are likely to tell you that they didn't know how much work they did till the end of the class. I remember my first class, some of the warm ups were so hard for me because I hadn't tried to work those muscles since middle school. I was sore for four days! I was also hooked! I remember sweating and sweating and thinking "I can do this! I did P90X! I can do this!" I had to take small breather breaks for the first few classes, but then I could go the full class, and then I could go for two classes back to back! Imagine how many calories you can burn by using all out effort over and over. Rep after rep. That's why the drills really rock!  It is like nothing else. You're punching, kicking, moving, blocking, attacking, high and low, explosive movements, aggressive action, finish the fight go home safe! That's Krav Maga!

Benefits: Increased muscle endurance, self-confidence, better agility, fat loss, part of a family, learn the most effective self-defense system in the world!

How can I get started? Look up a certified training center or certified instructor in your area and go for it. Remember, the most important thing is to get started! 

Good luck, have fun and stay focused!